Thursday, 24 May 2012

Housing Management didn’t border about fallen window glass // 公寓管理层没关注脱落的玻璃窗

Delta Height Apartment有一片脱落的玻璃窗危挂在车棚屋顶上,而该公寓管理层这显然毫不理会,也没有派人把玻璃窗拿下来。 居民协会主席波比温于上星期四已通知管理层,但迄今他们并没有任何行动。他别无选择只能求助于沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲。

The management corporation of the Delta Height Apartment did not border to get the fallen piece of glass pane removed which apparently had came lose and fell down to the roof of the car porch. The resident committee in charge Mr. Bobby Voon had informed the management but received no respond so far. He has no choice but has to turn to Sabah DAP KK MP Hiew King Cheu for help.

MP Hiew was surprise to see the piece of large window pane overhanging on the car porch, and he said this is definitely lucky that the glass did not fall onto someone or cars. If the glass had been fallen from the third floor, it would be even more dangerous when it breaks, and someone could have been killed or injured.

The management corporation should have acted immediately and to remove the glass pane from the roof of the car porch. Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything to help or to reinstall the glass window pane for the house unit in the apartment.

This is not normal because the house units are paying management fees to the management corporation (MC), and they should come to put things right. The management is not doing the right thing but also refused to act upon request of the resident. There were other complaints in the apartments here which needed urgent attention from the MC.

MP Hiew advices that the housing apartment management corporation (MC) should fulfill their duties entrusted with. It is not right always blaming that the residents did not pay their management fees, and in return they do not perform their work. This happened in many high rise apartments and flats, and this is definitely not a good sign and resulting every one suffers from this. The MC should first perform to the required standard and care provided, so that every resident is happy and willing to pay.

MP Hiew said that when the newly proposed Housing Developer Act which incorporated the guideline on MC is approved and extended to East Malaysia, all these should be put under strict control and governed by the laws.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu

Pic: the fallen piece of window pane over the car porch.


Delta Height Apartment有一片脱落的玻璃窗危挂在车棚屋顶上,而该公寓管理层这显然毫不理会,也没有派人把玻璃窗拿下来。 居民协会主席波比温于上星期四已通知管理层,但迄今他们并没有任何行动。他别无选择只能求助于沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲。

邱国会议员非常惊讶地看到在车棚屋顶上悬挂的大片玻璃,他说该玻璃没有砸中行人或车,无疑是幸运的。 如果玻璃是从三楼掉下,这将会是更加危险,如果破裂了,可能有人会丧生或受伤。

公寓管理层应该立即采取行动,把车棚屋顶上的玻璃拿下来。 不幸的是他们一直都没有做任何事情,或是重新把该脱落的玻璃窗安装回公寓的房屋窗格。

该公寓的居民有缴纳管理费给公寓管理层(MC),因此他们应该把事情做好。 管理层没有做好他们的工作,也拒绝居民的要求付诸行动处理问题。 居民还有其他的投诉,可是该公寓管理层并没给于关注。

邱氏建议公寓管理层应履行被委托的职责。 通常他们总是指责居民不交管理费,所以他们不执行工作。这些事件已发生在许多高层公寓,这绝对不是好事,造成每个人遭受损失和极大不满。事实上管理层应做好其工作,以提供很好的环境水准,让每一位居民都感到高兴和满意,然后他们也很愿意缴付管理费。

邱氏说在提出的新房屋发展开法令中,将会有特别的条例有关房屋管理层(MC)方面的条文被纳入,以期对房屋管理层有所适当的管制。 该条例希望能够延伸至东马,透过法律的管制,把所有的房屋管理层和屋主之间给与控制。