Thursday, 3 May 2012

亚庇市的泊车费实在是太高了, Kota Kinabalu parking fees is too high.

亚庇市政厅,尤其是市长应该认真处理和考量这项问题,最重要的是要关注到人民的利益。如果最终直接由亚庇市政厅管理,当局首要就是减低昂贵的泊车费,以打击不断上涨的日常生活费。 亚庇市的泊车费实在是太高了。

It is vital that the City Hall, especially the Mayor should take this case seriously and handle it to the best interest of the people. If eventually this is managed back directly by DBKK, it is needed to reduce the expensive parking rate to an average affordable level to combat the ever rising high living cost. The parking fees is too high.

The situation on the Kota Kinabalu City car park management remains unclear because the DBKK until today is still keeping a total silent over the pending arrangements on the expiry of the present contract with its contractor m/s Wawasan Ihtisas Sdn Bhd on the 2nd of May 2012. Many speculations on the future arrangements have been going round, but none is confirmative over the issue.

The KKMP Hiew King Cheu in his view said that this is concerning the public interest that DBKK should come out to the open to clear the air on the various claims like the contractor would seek legal action to claim losses and damages up to millions of ringgits from DBKK, demanding the contract to be renewed and extended, and including other claims too. This has to be highlighted to the people of KK, because they are the one who pay. DBKK is just a manager of the people. Therefore, they must execute their duties diligently with high transparency, accountability, and credibility.

The KK folks has the right to know what is going on and they also has the right to opinion. Many have expressed their wills that the preferred to revert the KK car park management back directly under DBKK and not to be sublet out to a contractor. The parking fees or contribution should be used by the DBKK 100% and not to be shared. If this is worked out under the DBKK, it is not necessary to share out the collection, and the city will have more fund for the city development and upkeeping.

The people has high expectations towards DBKK to come up with a rate that is acceptable by all and to undertake the car park management directly.



亚庇市泊车场管理将有谁来负责,迄今仍让还不清楚,因为亚庇市政厅直到今天仍保持沉默,也没有向人民交代有关即将于20125月合约满期的Wawasan Ihtisas公司有怎样的安排。 虽然有许多猜测针对未来的安排,但当局都没有一个清楚的指示。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,这是涉及公众利益,因此亚庇市政厅应向市民清楚交待,尤其是有关各种说法和谣言,例如私营公司将要采取法律行动起诉亚庇市政厅数百万吉的损失,并要求更新和延长合约,此外也包括其他要求。 这引起亚庇市民的高度关注,因为他们支付该泊车费用,而亚庇市政厅只是负责泊车设施的‘管理人’。 因此有关当局必须认真执行其职责,有透明度,诚信和公信力。

亚庇人有权知道到底亚庇泊车事件将会有任何妥善的安排,他们也有权利提出意见。 许多人都表示他们都要求亚庇市政厅直接负责管理亚庇泊车场和收取泊车费,而不是让私营公司管理。 该泊车费应该100%支付给亚庇市政厅,而不是与私营公司共享。 这是亚庇市政厅的工作,是没有必要去共享收费,此外亚庇市能够获得更多的资金,来提升亚庇的城市发展,保养和维修损坏的设施。

亚庇市政厅,尤其是市长应该认真处理和考量这项问题,最重要的是要关注到人民的利益。如果最终直接由亚庇市政厅管理,当局首要就是减低昂贵的泊车费,以打击不断上涨的日常生活费。 亚庇市的泊车费实在是太高了。