Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PBS Chin Teck Ming talking nonsense / 陈德明,也是崇正校友,会用如此低劣的词句来公开批评他人,实在使人感到汗颜。

It is of deep regret that I was moved to write this statement when I read the statement made by the Luyang community develop officer Chin Teck Ming’s statement recently in a dinner function that was publish in many local newspaper.

He said the people should not support the opposition leader who can’t even differentiate “front and back” and with “bad private life”! Although he did not elaborate, but it is insulting enough which carried high intimation and directly shooting down the image of an individual.


他说,人民不应该支持反对党领袖,尤其是连“前后”都分不清楚,以及“私生活腐败”的领袖。  虽然他没有指名道姓,但是很明显的他是直接作出人身攻击,侮辱他人。 他的言论也可能是反射国阵某华基政党的高层。

I being an ex-Tshung Tsen Secondary school student felt ashamed of the person who dare to use such low standard statement to criticize on others. He had actually demonstrated to the people in the world that an educated ex-student of Tshung Tsen who had disgraced the well known discipline and good education standard provided by this highly reputed middle school. The students who graduated from Tshung Tsen are top grade students, and they had become good and well behaved citizens of Malaysia. Chin being the past president of the Alumni (ex-student) association did not show his juniors a good example as a gentleman but he is acting more like a street gangster. He being a practicing lawyer had also bring down the dignity of the profession. He may think that is funny, but in the real fact he had caused serious damage to his own standing and profession.

He forgot that when he points one finger towards others, he actually pointed his own three fingers towards himself. My advice to him is that whatever he wants to do must think carefully and should not thinking that by hurting someone he will be the hero and people will welcome him. It is luck that during the last general election that he did not win, because the people did not want to vote for him.

We, the voters needed a person with good sound mind and good standard in his behavior to serve us, and not someone who acts selfishly and harshly by insulting others for personal gain and benefit. The people are observing and they will gauge your words and deeds.  

Special Assistant to KK MP, Adeline  



他说,人民不应该支持反对党领袖,尤其是连“前后”都分不清楚,以及“私生活腐败”的领袖。  虽然他没有指名道姓,但是很明显的他是直接作出人身攻击,侮辱他人。 他的言论也可能是反射国阵某华基政党的高层。

身为崇正中学校友的我觉得非常遗憾,陈氏,也是崇正校友,会用如此低劣的词句来公开批评他人,实在使人感到汗颜。 实际上,他让人们看到他身为高知名度的独中生,却没有表现出众所周知的优良纪律和良好的品格。 毕业于崇正的学生应该是优异的学生,他们也是纪律良好的马来西亚公民。 然而曾任校友会主席的陈氏并没有表现出应有的礼仪,让学弟妹有个良好的模范。  他是执业律师,而其言论也辱没其专业应有的尊严。  他可能认为是很搞笑的,但事实上他已经严重损害自身人格。 要知道所发出的言论足可表现出一个人的为人与品格,所以不能不谨慎。

陈氏似乎忘了,当他用一根手指指向他人时,实际上有三根手指是指向自己。 因此希望无论以后他做任何事,尤其是发表言论,必须仔细考虑,不应该偏想着伤害他人,还自认是英雄而受人民欢迎。 在上一届大选他没有获胜,相信是因为选民不想投票给他。

选民要的是具有良好品德,行为,诚恳为人民服务的代议士,而不是为己利而侮辱他人的自私行为。 人民会观察其言行是否合格,才会投票于他。