Friday, 1 June 2012

Tajong Aru drain need clearing / 丹容亚路沟渠需要需要清理

在丹容亚路 Le Salle中学前面的沟渠需要清理。 由于快速增长的丛草堵塞着沟渠,导致流水无法顺畅的排走。 堵塞的水沟很容易成为蚊虫滋长的温床,并且引起骨痛热症。

The drains in front of Tajong Aru Le Salle school is needed urgent clearing of its fast growing vegetation which is already blocking the water flow inside the concrete drains.

Sabah DAP deputy chief of the Local Government and housing bureau Raphael Ang was informed by the people here about the condition, and his visit confirmed that the concrete is indeed blocked. There is a big piece of broken 1-Malaysia signboard stuck in the drain too.

Raphael Ang urges the DBKK to come to this area to clear the drains which also includes the surrounding drains of the low cost flats.

By Raphael Ang

在丹容亚路 Le Salle中学前面的沟渠需要清理。 由于快速增长的丛草堵塞着沟渠,导致流水无法顺畅的排走。 堵塞的水沟很容易成为蚊虫滋长的温床,并且引起骨痛热症。
丹容亚路人向沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局副主任拉斐尔投诉有关情况。他立即前往视察,发现正如民众所说的,该排水沟确实被茂长的植物堵塞着。 此外他还发现有片破烂的‘1个大马’的广告版卡在水沟里。