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KENAPA MENGUNDI? 为何要投票? Why Should I Vote?


Undi itu, suara kita. Kita memilih pemimpin dengan mengundi dalam pilihan raya. Dengan mengundi, kita bersuara terhadap keputusan-keputusan para pemimpin yang memberi kesan kepada kehidupan dan kepentingan kita. Kita boleh bersorak, mengadu, berarak dan membantah serta membuat petisyen, tetapi apalah makna semua itu jika kita tidak mengundi? Siapa yang akan mendengar suara kita?
Our Vote is Our Voice. We choose our leaders by voting for them. By voting, we can tell our leaders what we think about their decisions that affect our lives. We can applaud, complain, march, protest, petition BUT if we don’t vote, what’s the point? Who will hear our voice?

The story of cigarette “Tar” // 烟油”的故事


沙巴民主行动党健康咨询局主任李恒君医生巧合的收到一封由亚庇国会议员邱庆洲所寄出的电子邮件中的照片,他看到该照片呈现出吓人的景象。 照片中的香烟过滤器在清理后,在纸巾上留下了一滩的烟油。 这只是在抽了10支香烟而且。

The general smoker may not be aware of the health hazard resulting from heavy smoking of cigarette. The cigarette “TAR” is causing a lot of damages to the human body once it is sucked into the body through the respiratory system and this TAR will stay in the lungs.

The Sabah DAP Health Advisory Bureau chief Dr. Joseph Lee Han Kyun coincidently received an e-mail photo from the KK MP Hiew King Cheu showing a horrible photo a cigarette filter being cleaned leaving a heavy stain of TAR on the tissue paper. It was cleaned after only 10 cigarettes had been consumed.

Putatan town is a fast growing town and it seems that the authorities can not cope up with // 必打丹镇是一个快速成长的城镇,而有关当局似乎是无法应付该处的需要

Sabah DAP visiting Putatan town

必打丹人欢迎沙巴民主行动党团队的到访,他们要求黨领袖们要常来该处,以听取他们的各种问题和投诉。 沙行动党团队中包括了亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,沙行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉,妇女组主任诺利雅俄浓(Noriah Onong),必打丹支部主席沙里尤索(Salleh Yussof)以及其他的党领袖

沙行动党走访期间接到不少的投诉,其中包括该处的基本设施,交通拥堵,没有足够的泊车位以及到處都是垃圾等问题。 该处的人说,必打丹镇是一个快速成长的城镇,而有关当局似乎是无法应付该处的需要。 尤其是该镇的环境是越来越肮脏,而茂长的杂草也没有被清除。

The Sabah DAP walkabout visit in Putatan received welcome by the local people there, and they were encouraged to come more often to listen to the various complaints and requests by the people here. The walkabout team comprised of the KK MP Hiew King Cheu, the Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, the Sabah DAP Wanita Chief Puan Noriah Onong, Putatan branch chairman Salleh Yussof and with other DAP members.

The DAP received many complaints here which includes the infrastructures, traffic congestion, not enough parking space and garbage problems. The people said that Putatan town is a fast growing town and it seems that the authorities can not cope up with. The place is getting dirtier day by day, and the grass was not cut.

Sandakan Labuk Road still not a dual carriage highway , Why this was not done and resolved 30 years back? // 山打根拉卜路(Jalan Labuk)何时才可改为双程大道 为何国阵在这30年以来一直都没有去解决该段马路的问题呢?

从山打根前往32里交界处通往亚庇和拿笃是该处唯一的主干马路,但是该段马路仍然是一道狭窄的旧道路。 国阵政府在30年前多次给予承诺将提升该段马路,到今天还是没有任何改变。该段马路一直有发生严重的交通意外,这危及马路使用者的安全。 国阵政府迄今仍然无动于衷。

The main and only road leading from Sandakan town towards the road junction at Mile 32 to Kota Kinabalu and Lahad Datu is still a narrow road in spite of the many promises made by the BN government over the numbers of years since 30 years ago. Many people had met in serious accident and had suffered deeply on the road. The government until today is still sitting there and doing nothing.

兰瑙甘榜巴都干的国家房屋局工程延迟- “信口开河” // Kg Badukan Ranau SPNB project almost dead- “Janji Tidak Ditapati”!

The Ranau folks who had purchased a house from the SPNB housing project in Kg Badukan Ranau were very disappointed by the many years of long wait for there dream house to be finally completed and handed over to them. The housing project is being built by the Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB), a subsidiary wholly owned by the Ministry of Finance.

兰瑙居民向国家房屋局所购买廉价房屋已经延工已久,他们希望国家房屋局能够早日完成该建设并把完成的房屋移交给他们,好让他们能够搬入。 多年来的等待已造成极度失望和不满。 该项房屋工程是由国家房屋局(SPNB)兴建,而该公司是联邦财政部的直属公司。

Advertising streamers blocking traffic lights // 交通灯前的广告横幅


该被投诉的广告横幅是挂在和生园商店/水塘路交界处前的交通灯正面的灯柱上。 汽车司机抱怨说,由于广告横幅阻挡了视线,使到他们无法看到前面的交通灯,负责挂横幅的人似乎没有考虑到该问题。 如此不负责任的行为会对司机造成不便和危险,尤其是他们必须穿越過交通繁忙的路口时。

The KK MP office received public complaint regarding some advertising streams hung on the lamp post which is blocking the view of the drivers of vehicles.

The advertising streamers are hanging on the lamp post which is directly in front of the traffic lights in the Foh Sang shop and the Jalan Kolam junction. The car drivers complained saying that they can’t see the traffic light at all, and the people who hang the streamers there did not consider the fact that this can cause inconveniences and danger to the drivers especially they have to cross the busy traffic junction to the other side.

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‘Sabahans can select next PM’

By Azman Habu | August 22, 2012
Free Malaysia Today
TAWAU: DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has encouraged Sabahans to embrace the chance to chart a new direction for Malaysia by taking the opportunity in the coming general election to dictate who would be the prime minister of the country.
Speaking at the Pakatan Rakyat Hari Raya open house in Tawau, Lim said the chance for Sabahans to determine their future was at hand and they should not waste it.
“With the current federal government shaken and unsure, Sabahans can determine their path and determine who will head Putrajaya,” he told the huge crowd that turned up at the open house held at a hotel here yesterday.

Tweets from Sabah (4) by Lim Kit Siang – 20% oil royalty and Janji Ditepati public hearings

Tweets @limkitsiang:
My 4day 500km visit of Sabah (KotaMarudu TipOfBorneo Kudat Matunggong Ranau Penampang Tawau Sandakan) w MP LimLipEng eye-opener 4JTD by BN
Aug 21, 5:50pm
Suggested in Tawau PM Najib conduct daily “Janji Ditepati” dialogues in 23 Sabah districts from 1-16 Sept 2hear views Sabah’s 49yrs in Msia
Aug 21, 5:55pm
Dare Najib hold daily “Janji Ditepati” dialogues in Sabah? Of cos not as he will b drowned with “Janji Tidak Ditepati” grouses by Sbh ppl!
Aug 21, 8:08pm
Capacity crowd @ DAP Karamunting ceramah – increasingly powerful popular support 4change. The longer delay in 13GE greater pressure 4UBAH

Tweets from Sabah (3) by Lim Kit Siang– Janji Tidak Ditepati

Tweets @limkitsiang:
Arr Tawau from KK continue Hari Raya visits. Tonite @ Sandakan DAP talk in Karamunting.Wind of change blowing strong/hard “Land Below Wind”
Aug 21, 12:23am
In Ranau at least 3 cases of Janji Tidak Ditepati (JTD) – 1st case, abandoned toxic wasteland left behind by Mamut Copper Mine (MCM).
Aug 21, 12:36am
MCM earned export revenue abt RM3.4b in 24yr ops (75-99) 4Jap Aussie Msian owners 4copper (also gold silver) but left toxic legacy 4Sabahans
Aug 21, 1:09am
MCM open-cast mine generated abt 250 million tonnes (Mt) overburden n wasterock dumped @ 4main dump near mine pit n some 150 Mt of tailings

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  1. 过去从未有任何一个皇委会像这次这个调查沙州非法移民问题的皇委会一样,引起诸多疑虑猜忌,怀疑是否能够解决这个已经沉疴40年的问题。
  2. 第一印象─
  3. (i) 太小、太迟、权力有限;
    (ii) 发出身份证赢取选票已经不再是沙州的问题而已,而是全国性的问题,为何不是展开全国性调查?
    (iii) 沙州估计拥有150万至200万非法移民。皇委会是否有办法处理这麽庞大的数字?
    (iv) 皇委会可以做些什麽、不能做些什麽?
    (v) 皇委会是否能够调查所谓的M计划,并传召马哈迪这位明星级证人供证?
    (vi) 皇委会能否查清究竟何人该为发出假文件如此重大议题负责?
    (vii) 为何首相整整花了六个月才理出皇委会的八项权限范围?
    (viii) 国阵政府曾在2008年拒绝我在国会要求成立沙州皇委会的动议,为何?

Tweets from Sabah by Lim Kit Siang . 2012.08.20

Tweets from Sabah 2

Tweets @limkitsiang
Aug 20, 2:04am
My Sabah interior trip proves 2b a Debunk “Janji Ditepati” tour – with every stop producing evidence Umno/BN Govt failed 2fulfill promises
Aug 20, 2:13am
Firstly in initial trip 2KotaMarudu, atrocious stretch of Ulu Kukut road which qualifies 2b described as worst in Msia 4 easily some 7years

Tweets from Sabah Posted by Lim Kit Siang 2012.08.18 - 19

Tweets @limkitsiang
Aug 19, 10:43am
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Semoga semua rakyat bergembira di hari yg mulia ini, berbahagia dgn kehidupan yg lebih cerah
Aug 18, 3:51pm
Otw to Kota Marudu but never come across worse road conditions than long Kukut/Mantanau stretch! Real shame – road to Fed Minister’s constituency

Photos, Trip to the Tip of Borneo , Kudat - with Sdra Lim Kit Siang & Sdra Lim Lip Eng

Utusan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012 oleh Setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Guan Eng di Kuala Lumpur pada hari Isnin, 20hb Ogos 2012:

Keamanan hanya boleh tercapai dengan harmoni kaum dan kebenaran serta kemajuan dan keadilan untuk semua

Sempena menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri, saya amat tertarik dengan ajaran Islam dalam Al-Quran yang menyatakan bahawa tiga orang yang tidak ditolak doanya, iaitu pemerintah yang adil, orang yang berpuasa sehinggalah dia berbuka dan doa orang yang dizalimi.

Itulah sebabnya kerajaan PR mempunyai komitmen menjadi kerajaan yang adil agar doa pemimpin Islam dalam PR diterima, khususnya bahawa masyarakat Malaysia sentiasa aman dan damai. PR dan DAP sedar bahawa keamanan dalam masyarakat majmuk hanya boleh tercapai dengan harmoni kaum dan kebenaran serta kemajuan dan keadilan untuk semua.





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Hari Raya 2012 message by Lim Kit Siang

Hari Raya 2012 message by Lim Kit Siang on Saturday, 18th August 2012:

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012 Message: Rendezvous with greatness

I wish all Muslims in Malaysia Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

On this auspicious occasion, non-Muslims join their Muslim compatriots in Malaysia to make this important Islamic calender a national celebration.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pesanan Hari Raya 2012 oleh Lim Kit Siang

Pesanan Hari Raya 2012 oleh Lim Kit Siang pada hari Sabtu, 18hb Ogos 2012:

Pesanan Hari Raya 2012

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Aidilfitri kepada semua warga Malaysia.

Pada hari yang amat bermakna ini, warga bukan Islam bersama dengan saudara Islam menyambut perayaan ini menjadikannya satu sambutan rakyat Malaysia pada peringkat kebangsaan.

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Sabah DAP Ubah Road Tour With Sdra Lim Kit Siang and Sdra Lim Lip Eng . 2012 AUG

Dr M’s statement a direct hit-back on himself // 老马自打嘴巴

前首相马哈迪医生在他的博客发表一篇文章有关对设立皇家调查委员会和沙巴的非法移民的看法后,立即接到全国人民的回击并且回讯发表他们意见和不满。 沙巴人根本不同意他所发布的言论,尤其是针对外来人成为马来西亚公民,因为他们是“马来人! 亚庇国会议员邱庆洲评论说,如果老马说,我們没有成立皇家调查委员会的需要,也勿需调查沙巴人口暴增的原因,以及也不需要去研究为何发生许多不论是合法或非法的外来人已成为马来西亚公民的事件。 他的说法无疑是无视沙巴人的意见和福利。 因此有许多人说,他最好保持沉默,和享受他的退休。

事实上,是谁应该对沙巴州所发生的事情负上责任,或是有待皇委会进行调查和询问后才知道結果。 该皇委员会必须要追根问底,并向人民揭露其事实和真相。 实际上‘身份证计划’(Project IC)已存在很久并且也是众周皆知的事,此外也有许多外来人已公开承认,他们是透过‘身份证计划’获得马来西亚身份证。 这对皇委会要深入调查该问题的根源实在是并不困难。

It has been a few days after the statement made by the former Prime Minister Dr Mahatir on his blog, and immediately there is a continuous wave of hit back on what he had commented on the RCI and the illegal immigrant issue in Sabah. The people in Sabah did not agree at all on what he had said, and especially on the point that when foreigners became Malaysian, they are “Malays”! The KK MP Hiew King Cheu commented that if Dr M said that there is no need for the RCI to be established to investigate the influx of Sabah population and on why so many foreigners whether legal or illegal had become citizens of Malaysia, he is going against the will of the Sabahan. Many said it is better for him to keep quiet and be happily retired.

ALONG” publicity activity a nuisance // 阿窿”宣传活动滋扰民众


The recent waves of the publicity activities launched by the “loan-shark” or “Along” in the Kota Kinabalu area had caused multiple public complaints and it has become a public nuisance.

Sabah DAP Health Mobile Service // 沙巴民主行动党的保健流动服务台

沙巴民主行动党保健咨询局流动服务队于上周日在亚庇加雅街设立流动服务台。医疗咨询流动服务台当天接见许多人,他们咨询有关医疗的问题,该流动服务队的负责人是李恒君医生(Dr. Joseph Lee Han Kyun),其助手是Andy Hong Pong Tin Fah。 亚庇国会议员邱庆洲和沙行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉也出席该项流动服务活动,同时听取市民的投诉和不满。

The Sabah DAP Health Advisory Bureau mobile service team had set up a health advisory counter in the KK Gaya Street on last Sunday. The health advisory mobile service received many people who wanted to seek health consultation and advice from its person in-charge Dr Joseph Lee Han Kyun who was assisted by Andy Hong and Pong Tin Fah. The KK MP Hiew King Cheu and Edward Ewol Mujie were on location to give them the support and to listen to public complaints.




陈利发:有人在朝好办事? 三个月剪草一次尽显无能


KK MP Office Children Karaoke singing contest // 亚庇国会议员办事处举办儿童卡拉OK歌唱赛

亚庇国会议员办事处将在丹容亞路广场举办儿童卡拉OK歌唱赛,时间是下午1点至傍晚6点,日期市2012819日。 该项比赛是公开给612歲的小孩参与。

The Children Karaoke Singing Contest organized by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Office will be held on the 19th of August of 2012 at the Tanjong Aru Plaza starting from 1pm to 6pm. The event is prepared specially for the participation of the young singers from the age 6 to 12.

Dirty drains at Kg Ketiau, Putatan // 甘榜哥刁(Kg. Ketiau)水沟堵塞

居住在必打丹甘榜哥刁(Kg. Ketiau)附近的居民向沙巴民主行动党妇女组主任诺丽雅 尔侬(Noriah Onong)提出投诉,有关在‘一马诊所’和哥刁花园商店左邻经常面对水沟堵塞造成污水满溢到路面的问题。他们说,该水沟严重堵塞已经有三年多之久。

The residents who live near and around the Kg Ketiau in Putatan filed the complaint to the Sabah DAP Wanita Chief Puan Noriah Onong concerning the very dirty and overflowing drain in front of the 1-Malaysia Clinic and the shops in Taman Ketiau. They said the drain was blocked for almost three years now.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Klinik Kesihatan Perancangan, Ranau 兰瑙 // Klinik Kesihatan Perancangan的马路问题

沙巴民主行动党团队最近前往访问兰瑙附近甘榜必兰加蘭(Kg. Perancangan)的医务所,该医务所是为该处约5000多位居民提供医疗服务。

但是沙行动党领袖惊讶的发现,该医务所前面的50米长的马路不但陡峭,而且路面凹凸不平,似乎没有给以妥善的保养和维修。路面覆盖着松散的砾石,导致小型的车辆前往该诊所时会面对行驶困难。根据该诊所的工作人员说,该马路变成那样是因为建新高速大道的承包商把通往诊所的马路挖掘過。 很不幸的是他们已停工兴建马路,也没有完成重铺這路面的工作。 由于承包商停止工作,而造成该诊所的入口处的修建工程彻底被废置着。

The Sabah Dap visiting team recently visited the Klinik Kesihatan Perancangan in Kg Perancangan near Ranau which serves more than 5,000 inhabitants here.

It is very surprise to see that although it is a short 50 meter road, the steep and rough entrance road is not being given due care and repair. It is covered with loose gravels and the surface is hard for smaller vehicles to climb up to the clinic. According to the staffs in the clinic, the road leading to the clinic was cut down by the road contractor who was building the new highway. Very unfortunately, they had stopped work halfway without finishing resurfacing the road. The entrance road was left abandoned since the contractor had ceased work.

Taman Pasir Putih, Petagas sewerage woe // 必打卡士Tmn Pasir Putih污水系统的问题

沙巴州的污水抽水系统非常落后,迄今仍然手动操作。有关当局到底在做什么? 实际上随着时间的前进,市场上已出现许多最新和高科技的污水抽水系统,然而政府却没有积极的提升沙巴州的污水系统。例如亚庇市污水泵站的不足并无法全面应付整个地区。这就是为何该些污水泵经常发生故障的原因了。

The existing sewerage pumping system trough out Sabah are very much "Back Dated". Only a hand full is functioning and the rest had expired. How can this be happening? As time goes by there are many latest technology in regards to sewerage pumping system. In Kota Kinabalu for example, the sewerage pumping system are not sufficient to cater for the large housing areas. This explains why these sewerage water pumps breaks down so often.

Sabah Ubah Road Trip with Sdra Lim Kit Siang ( Schedule ) - 2012 Aug

18 Aug 2012 1.00PM - 3.00PM Lunch Kota Marudu, Marudu Inn. Person in charge:- KM Ben 016 8469899

18 Aug 2012 7.00PM - 10PM Dinner Rumah Panjang Kampung Jamal, Kudat. Person in charge:- Alex Wong 019 5832189

19 Aug 2012 11.00AM - 2PM Lunch Kampung Masangkong, Matunggong. Person in Charge in Charge:- Rahim 012 8350601

19 Aug 2012 7.00PM - 10PM Dinner Kampung Kiaburi, Ranau. Person in Charge:- Paul Kerangkas 013 5475922

20 Aug 2012 7.00PM - 10PM Dinner New Wah Jeh Cafe, Kepayan Rumah Murah, Penampang:- Aloysius Sikuis 016 5862701

21/8/2012 (Tue)

10.00 am - 12.00 pm Hotel Emas, Tawau Hari Raya Open House

金都酒店,斗湖 - Chan Foong Hin (hp 0198231289)

7.30 pm - 10.00 pm Tadika Tai Tong, Taman Mewah, Sandakan Dinner

大同幼稚园,华美园,山打根 -Stephen Wong (hp0198133168)

Coordinator Jeffrey Kumin (hp0128668310)

了解我国的硬币 // Know your coins

Many people do not know really about the coins that they use in their daily life. The KK MP Hiew King Cheu took the trouble to research into and disclosed herewith some the basic data of our Malaysian coins which is of public interest.

很多人不知道也不了解他们日常生活中所使用的硬币的材质和面值。 因此亚庇国会议员邱庆洲在进入了解之后,让大家知道马来西亚硬币的基本数据和新旧硬币的价值之差别,这也是因为关系到大众利益。

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KK QEH 1 ward is flooded // 水淹亚庇伊利沙伯第一医院的病房

昨天晚间下场大雨后,亚庇伊利沙伯第一医院旧楼的一楼病房面对浸水问题。 由于该病房满地都是水,导致病人被转移到楼下的病房。 当时有大约二十多名的患病者在该病房里。 最糟糕的是该处的升降机已不能操作,因此不得不用人力把患者从楼上抬到楼下。 医院派出十多位医务人员在楼梯处进行搬迁病人的工作。

雨水是渗透之前病房里坍塌了的混凝土天花板。 该病房坍塌的混凝土天花板报已在上个月的报章上有报道,该事件导致有位病人被脱落的天花板和混凝土碎片击中而受伤。 如今雨水已渗透过严重破裂的屋顶而流入病房里。

The KK QEH 1 wards on the 1st floor of the old block were flooded following the heavy down pour last night. The patients had to be moved to other wards due to the pounding of water on the floors. There were some twenty over patients who were in the ward during that time. The worst part is that the lift was out of order and the patients had to be hand-carried to get to the ground floor. It took the hospital over ten people to do the transferring job down the staircase.

The water is leaking through the cracked concrete roof that was reported last month where a patient was hit and injured by the falling ceiling pieces and the concrete fragments. The water is leaking seriously from the cracked roof now.

Children Karaoke Singing Contest // 儿童卡拉OK歌唱赛


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲接受该要求并已着手安排和组织该项比赛。为此,他委任其特别助理李志强为该项活动的筹委会主席。该比赛的总决赛日期是在819日,而预赛是在818日,两场比赛的时间是从下午1时至下午6时。比赛地点是在丹容亚路广场(Tanjung Aru Plaza Hall)

In order to provide a platform to allow our young talented singers to have a chance to perform their singing skill and to have a competition among themselves, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office has been requested by popular demands to organize a Children Karaoke Singing Contest.

The KKMP Hiew King Cheu has happily accepted the request to arrange and organize the contest. To this effect, he has appointed his Special Assistant Andrew Lee Chee Kiong to be the organising chairperson. The contest is set on the 19th of August, 2012, with the 1st heat set on the 18th August, both starting from 1pm to 6pm. The venue is in the Tanjong Aru Plaza Hall.

SESB frequent power cut // 沙电经常停电

斗亚兰和担婆罗里的人几乎每个星期有三到四次经常会面对电源中断的问题,究其是什么原因导致仍是未知。 该处的人们感到诸多不便,他们的愤怒和不满已经到达沸点。

他们向沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰负责人刘辉坚投诉有关问题。他们说,他们每个月都有按时支付电费帐单,但是他们得到的服务则是频频的停电。 他们说在這几天更是最糟糕的,尤其是当他们要看奥运会令人兴奋的比赛,而停电的问题造成他们错过多场的直接转播比赛

The people in Tuaran and Tamparuli are experiencing frequent power supply interruption almost three to four times in a week. The reason is still unknown. The people here had felt much inconvenience, and their angers are mounting up to boiling points.

They have complained to the Sabah DAP Tuaran chief Peter Liew Fui Ken on this matter. They said they pay their bills on time and yet this is the type of service they are getting in return. They said it is worst during this few days especially when they want to enjoy the exciting actions of the Olympic Games. The power cut had caused them to miss the hot direct telecast.

DBKK lights off // 路灯不亮車輛危險


沙行动党已向亚庇市政厅反映有关人士的不满,接着他們还親自前往该处视察。很惊讶的发现到该些路灯没有照明的原因,是因为有小偷把路灯里所有的电线配件偷走,包括连接灯柱的电线。 在该处大约有三十多座灯柱,而每个灯柱都面对着同样的命運。

The public complained to the Sabah DAP Inanam office that the street lights along the short cut road linking the Tuaran By-Pass to the Kingfisher Park along the JKR sewerage oxidation ponds in Inanam are totally out of function for a long time. The short cut road is used by many cars day and night to get away from the severe traffic jam on the main Kinfisher Park Bridge connecting to Yayasan Sabah.

The complaints were forwarded to DBKK by the DAP, and it is later found out that the street lights failed because of metal thieves had stolen all the electrical components in the lamp poles along with the connecting cables and wires. There are some thirty lamp poles here and every one faced the same situation.

KK Gaya Street needed attention // 亚庇加雅街需要注意的问题


亚庇市政厅在报章上提到有關加雅街一些大树因被蛀和老化,甚至枯死,因此有需要砍伐移走。这些树木脆弱和易断,尤其是对在周日走在街上的民众将会造成危险。 以前亚庇国会议员办事处已提及有关该处的问题后,亚庇市政厅已展開加雅街的提升工作。

The people in KK are very concern about their beloved Gaya Street and the way how the DBKK is going to manage the beautification and upgrading work along the street. The KK folks had approached the KK MP Hiew King Cheu for his help to highlight their views to the DBKK and they wish their views can be taken up and adopted by them.

The DBKK had mentioned that there are some trees which needed to be cut off due to the infection by diseases and some had even dried up. These trees post danger to the people on the street especially on Sunday when there are a lot of people walking around. The DBKK is at the moment carrying out upgrading work on the centre island after the complaint made by the KK MP office not long ago.

治水资金流向巴西布迪·间接凸显道菲差 陈利发指国阵骑劫治水工程惩罚西区人民



Ranau to Kundasang road needed attention 兰瑙前往昆达山(Kundasang)的马路问题需要关注


该处的人抱怨说,工务局在很久以前就应该把该段马路重新铺上沥青,但是迄今都没有任何重铺的工作迹象,如今该段路面凹凸不平,马路使用者被迫面对簸之苦。 该路面的沥青表层已经破裂,形成粗糙表层以及出现许多坑洞,并且危及在该马路上行驶的车辆。 破裂的表面会损坏车底,同时也严重损坏汽车的轮胎。尤其是该公路的急转弯处更加危险

The road user complained to the Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie over the poor condition of the road leading from Ranau to Kundasang recently during his visit to the district here.

The people here are not happy about the broken road surface which is due for resurfacing for a long time, but there is no sign that the JKR is going to resurface the stretch of road. The bitumen surface is already broken up and filled with rough surface which posted danger to vehicles. The cracked up surface will caused the vehicles to skit and caused severe damage to the car tires. This is more dangerous at the road corners and where there is a sharp turn.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ranau (Poring) to Kota Marudu road massy // 兰瑙(温泉)到哥打马鲁都的破烂马路


政府在该处已进行马路提升工程,而路段共有110公里长,是连接蘭瑙温泉到哥打马鲁都和沙蘇谷的马路。该提升工程于2008年开始,但很不幸的是该马路的建设已在一年前停工,期间也没有任何施工活动。 而该承包商停工的原因也不明,邱氏在现场发现目前有几台挖掘機和卡车刚刚恢复在该马路工作。 政府耗费上億马币的马路工程已经彻底失败,导致该地区的人民感到非常不满。尤其是该段马路是给该处许多的甘榜用。该处大约有上10,000的人口,可惜的是這重要的道路是如此的破爛。

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office received public complaint from Ranau District concerning the very bad road condition linking from Ranau (Poring – hot spring) onwards to Kota Marudu and Sugut.

There is a road upgrading project being put up for the totaling 110 KM road linking to these places. The project was started in 2008, but very unfortunately the road construction has come to a halt a year ago, and there was no activity. The contractor had stopped work for reasons unknown, and has just resumed some bits of work with a few machines and trucks on site. The multi-million road project is classified as a total failure by the unhappy people in the area. This road is actually serving many kampongs with a population of not less than 10,000, and it is a federal trunk road.

Labuan’s future // 纳闽岛的问题

有关纳闽岛是否仍然拥有“自由港”的地位和政府方面是否允许该岛重新进行“物物贸易(Barter Trade)


The question on whether FT Labuan is still having a “free port” status now, and is the government going to allowing the “Barter Trade” to be revived on the island?

This was raised by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu recently in the June sitting in the Parliament. The Finance Minister in a written reply said that the Labuan Island is given the special right as a “Free Port” which is provided under the Clause XVIII under Section 154 to 160 of the Custom Act 1967. Thus, FT Labuan is a 100% free port.

陳泓縑陳利發巡視久保田發電廠 優先解決電供是對但地點不适合


Jalan Perikanan, Kg Teraiyung needed urgent repair // 甘榜德拉永的Jalan Perikanan急需维修

沙巴民主行动党成员最近前往斗亚兰Rasa Ria度假酒店附近的甘榜德拉永(Kg. Teraiyung)进行走访,他们发现该段连接大马路到该甘榜的Jalan Perikanan非常破烂,该甘榜路满是坑洞和积水。 此外他们还发现有广告牌说明该段马路是在2011年已进行提升的工作

The recent visit by the Sabah DAP members to Kg Teraiyung in the Tuaran District near the Rasa Ria Resort Hotel found the road, Jalan Perikanan Teraiyung which is connecting from the main road to the Kg Teraiyung is in a very bad condition. This road serving the kampong here is filled with pot holes. There is a sign board saying that the road had been upgraded since 2011.

Village folks upset over road conditions // 甘榜人非常不满有关当局忽视糟糕马路状况

必打丹甘榜达浪道武以前是个拥有良好马路美丽的村庄,而该段前往甘榜的马路一直有受到保养。 但是当沙巴工务局和必打丹县议会在第二期必打丹路(PH2)进行一项小型工程期间,就损毁了该段马路。 据了解该工程项目于412011开动,并于2011631日竣工,然而迄今却还没完工

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲特别助理李志强接到该处居民的投诉后,前往视察发现村民非常愤怒和不满,因该段马路严重受损。在实施该项目期间,有许多大型罗里利用仅有的马路,每天进出村庄。 直到今天罗里司机仍然继续运送土壤到该工地

Kampung Talang Taun Putatan was once a pretty village with excellent road condition and had been well maintained. However, everything changed when the JKR Sabah and Majlis Daerah Putatan implemented a small crossing project at Jln Petagas(Ph 2).The status of the project which took off on the 1st April 2011 and due for completion on the 31st June 2011 is still unclear.

Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to MP of Kota Kibabalu attended to villagers here who are angry and frustrated with the road condition. Ever since the project stated, over one hundred heavy duty large lorries made use of the one and only access road daily to the village and is still being use by some drivers till today transporting earth to the project site.

Why Owner of Land not Paid // 地主沒獲得赔偿金


Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said today that he received complaint from the owner of the land N.T. 10875 at Kg Gayang near the Sg Mengabong. He said the said land owner has not been paid the compensation by the government or the Petronas until today for using the land to get to the kampongs. The Petronas gas terminal here has been using his land for their access road since the Petronas Gas Terminal started operation many years ago. Every time he approached Petronas for the payment on the compensation, he was told to wait but never received anything until today.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012