Thursday, 13 September 2012

Smelly Garbage Cubical in Tmn Seputeh KK // 亚庇史布迪园(Tmn Seputeh)恶臭的垃圾收集站

亚庇史布迪园(Tmn Seputeh)商店入口处的垃圾收集站发出难闻的恶臭味,而该臭味飘入在该垃圾站附近的房子里。 屋主向亚庇国会议员投诉有关事件并且抱怨说,他们已无法忍受难闻的气味,导致全房屋都被臭味熏着。

The smell from the garbage cubical at the entrance to the Taman Seputeh shops here is giving out very foul smell which caused the house owner who lives next to the garbage cubical to complain to the KK MP office. They said they couldn’t bear the bad smell everyday which is torturing them day and night.

The Special Assistant of the KK MP Hiew King Cheu, Andrew Lee Chee Kiong went to the location with Robert Rajah to inspect the garbage cubical together. They also brought in the officer from DBKK who is in charge of the garbage section and told them the problem arising from the complaint. It is very true that the foul smell is very strong and the house next to it is definitely deeply, and they found out that the 2 garbage bins are sitting outside the cubical and there were no covering at all.

The discussion on site found that it is better to carry out some minor structural modification work to the garbage cubical shed, in order to enclose the 2 bins inside the cubical. A short wall in front of the cubical has to be demolished to allow the bins to be placed inside easily. The open part of the side walls have to be closed up to avoid cross breeze to bring out the bad smell. If this can be done with quick action, there won’t be any more foul smell leaking out.

Andrew further said such condition should have been sorted out long time ago and not by ignoring the public complaints. He pointed out that the broken furniture dumped beside the cubical must be removed quickly. This looks ugly and may attract rats. The cubical must be washed regularly to clean away the bad smell. Andrew also seek the help from DBKK to clean up the environment in Taman Seputeh especially the long out standing problem faced by motorist caused by the famous “great wall” which is blocking half of the road.

Abdrew Lee Chee Kiong

Pic: Andrew and Robert with the DBKK officer inspecting the garbage cubical.

亚庇史布迪园(Tmn Seputeh)恶臭的垃圾收集站
亚庇史布迪园(Tmn Seputeh)商店入口处的垃圾收集站发出难闻的恶臭味,而该臭味飘入在该垃圾站附近的房子里。 屋主向亚庇国会议员投诉有关事件并且抱怨说,他们已无法忍受难闻的气味,导致全房屋都被臭味熏着。
亚庇国会议员邱庆洲的特别助理李志强和罗伯拉贾前往检查该垃圾收集站。他们和亚庇市政厅负责垃圾收集的负责人一同前往进行视察,并研究该处的问题和居民的投诉。 他们发现该垃圾收集站确实是非常臭,在旁边的房子绝对深受其害,此外他们还看到有2个大垃圾箱被放置在垃圾收集站的外面,而盖也不见了。

他们和有市政厅的人员在现场讨论,一致认为最好进行一些垃房结构上的简单修改,如拆除垃圾收集站前面的矮墙,以方便把垃圾箱安置在垃圾站里,而不再受到日晒雨淋。 该垃圾收站上面的空间要密封,以免臭气飘出。如果当局能够迅速采取行动去处理,应该是不会再发出臭味。

李氏进一步说,这问题应该很久以前就有必须处理和解决,有关当局不应该忽视市民的投诉。他指出,丢弃在垃圾站一旁的破烂家具也必须尽快移走。因这不单非常碍眼,同时会吸引老鼠在里面筑巢。 该垃圾站必须定期清洗,以除去该难闻的臭味。 李氏也敦促亚庇市政厅清理该处的环境,尤其该处著名的一道 “长城 阻挡了一半的马路,造成司机面对交通问题。