Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Leaning Pole of Jalan Khidmat Jln Khidmat // 倾斜的单线杆

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲助理罗伯拉贾接到投诉后,前往武吉巴当附近的Jalan Khidmat视察该处的一个电线杆已严重的倾斜,由于该电线杆底部因生锈而腐蚀,造成电线杆倾斜一旁并靠落在电缆上。 这对马路使用者和行人都构成极大的危险,因该段公路距离倾斜的电线杆只有几英尺远。 从铁柱生锈腐蚀的程度来看,该电线杆落在电缆上已经有很长的一段时间了。

Robert Raja J. Assistant to KK MP Hiew King Cheu make a visit to Jalan Khidmat near Bukit Padang area shows an electric pole leaning against the cable with its metal pole being ‘eaten up’ by rust which caused the pole to fall and lean against cable. This will cause problem to road users plying the main road as the pole is located within few feet from that road and the danger it poses to pedestrian using that road as well. The rustiness of the pole indicates that it has been quite some time the pole felt and lean against the cable.

What has the local authority done about it and why has no action been taken to rectify the problem of pole(s) become rusty not only in that area but also in other places that most probably been ‘overlook’ by the local authority, he said. Do they want some ‘untoward incident’ to happen than only action will be taken?

The local authority should ‘turun padang’ and check on all the poles under their jurisdiction to make sure that the pole(s) do not being ‘eaten up’ by rust and any pole(s) that poses danger to the public must be replace immediately.

By Robert Raja J
Assistant to KK MP

Jln Khidmat倾斜的单线杆

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲助理罗伯拉贾接到投诉后,前往武吉巴当附近的Jalan Khidmat视察该处的一个电线杆已严重的倾斜,由于该电线杆底部因生锈而腐蚀,造成电线杆倾斜一旁并靠落在电缆上。 这对马路使用者和行人都构成极大的危险,因该段公路距离倾斜的电线杆只有几英尺远。 从铁柱生锈腐蚀的程度来看,该电线杆落在电缆上已经有很长的一段时间了。

他问到底有关当局有没有注意到该项危险的问题?为何没有采取行动纠正呢? 此外不仅在该处有生锈的电线杆,他发现在其他地方也有类似的情况,这可能是有关当局的忽视和懒散的工作态度,导致该些斜铁柱生锈。 他们是否要等到一些“突发事件发生或人命伤亡才来采取行动处理呢?