Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fallen Tree on SESB Power Cable Posed Danger //枯枝压着电线构成危险

沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕杰说,他接到一位住在孟加达Kg. Kemburian, off Jalan Kokal Poring Poring 的房主的投诉。 该屋主的家是在政府医疗诊所的对面, 他告诉爱德华说,108日他发现屋前的枯树枝掉下来并压着连接到他屋子的沙电电线,虽然他已经多次向有关当局反映,而沙电人员只来过一次检查,并告诉他说他们会把该枯树枝清除,但是屋主等到今天,沙电也没有前来进行清除的工作。

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said that he received a complaint from the owner of a house at Kg. Kemburian off Jalan Kokol Poring Poring Menggatal opposite Klinik Kesihatan Malaysia that a tree fell and resting on the power cable to SESB on 8.10.2012 which is connected to his house and although he reported it many times to SESB on officer only came once to inspect it and informed him that the fallen tree will be cleared but until today nothing has been done.

Edward said the owner of the house actually wanted to cut off the fallen tree but he is afraid that he will be electrocuted, but at the same time he is very worried that the power cable might snap at any time due to the weight of the tree branch and caused fire and burnt his whole house. He express his disappointment towards the careless attitude of the SESB staff.

Hence, Edward said he urges the SESB to take action immediately before any untoward incidents happened.

Pic : Edward showing the fallen branch on SESB Power cable

By : Edward Ewol Mujie

沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕杰说,他接到一位住在孟加达Kg. Kemburian, off Jalan Kokal Poring Poring 的房主的投诉。 该屋主的家是在政府医疗诊所的对面, 他告诉爱德华说,108日他发现屋前的枯树枝掉下来并压着连接到他屋子的沙电电线,虽然他已经多次向有关当局反映,而沙电人员只来过一次检查,并告诉他说他们会把该枯树枝清除,但是屋主等到今天,沙电也没有前来进行清除的工作。
爱德华说,该屋主其实想自己去把该枯树枝砍掉,但却担心会被触电。 此外他非常担心因该粗重的枯树枝会导致电线随时断掉,而引起的火灾,烧毁他的房子。 他非常不满沙电工作人员的态度,尤其是没有考量到他的安危。 只要该枯树枝一天没有被清理,他们一家每天就得提心吊胆的过日子。