Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lim Kit Siang's Tweet in Sabah. 2012.11.25

Issued 3 challenges 2Najib on his claim "Change can happen with the same govt" - 4days 4Najib 2prove his boast BN govt "ready 4big change"

Challenge 1 -declare in Umno presidential speech Umno GA Thursday corruption No.1 problem in country n introduce AES 2fight grand corruption

Challenge 2- prove sincerity in Najib's 1Msia slogan by declaring Ketuanan Rakyat Msia as guiding Umno concept replacing Ketuanan Melayu

Challenge 3 - prove want Msia as world's best democracy n declare Umno will transfer power peacefully 2PR if this is voters' verdict in 13GE