Monday, 19 November 2012

Popular "Ini Kali Lah"! // 热门口号 - “是时候了!”

沙巴民主行动党走访丹容亚路,会见该处的民众,同时分派火箭报。亚庇国会议员邱慶洲今天告诉记者说,最令人惊讶和鼓舞的是,公众已经开始回应并说 – “是时候了" (Ini kali lah)

从广大市民的心声,很清楚看到人民都期待著要改变。 “改变”的意念和希望越来越强烈,并迅速传到沙巴州的每个角落。许多人民希望看到改变,他们期待民联能够执政国州政府,这是人民共同的看法

The Sabah DAP walkabout visiting team was in Tanjong Aru to meet the people and to distribute the Rocket papers. The most surprising and at the same time encouraging is that the public have began to respond with a single voice - "ini kali lah", (this time lah), the KKMP Hiew King Cheu told the news media today.

The voices from the general public in using the common expression of "ini kali lah, UBAH" is growing, and being transmitted rapidly throughout the state. It is the common tone from many who wish to see a change in the government from the hand of the BN to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

MP Hiew said he felt very touch where ever he went, the people always responded back with "ini kali lah". He commented that in the past elections the common slogan was always "tukar baju" (change dress), but in the actual fact that even though the "dress" had been changed, but "the person" had not been changed. The same group of people still got back into power after the "tukar baju". It is of no different from the past because the same people who had been elected back were from USNO to BERJAYA to PBS and now in BN.

There should be some big significant changes if we want to see a new era in Sabah and Malaysia. People with clean records, straight thinking, new ideas and with the direction to serve, will surely able to deliver better results in managing Sabah and Malaysia. The PR-run Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor government are very good examples. We saw changes, various improvements, rapid growth, economy steadiness, and most of all the people are happy.

MP Hiew said by introducing the political education and to highlight to the people on the difference between "good managers" and the "bad managers" has produced immense result. The people had realized and understood that the only logical solution to "Save Sabah and Save Malaysia" is just simply by changing or sack the "bad managers".

With these bad managers, Sabah had become the number two poorest state in Malaysia in spite of the rich forest reserve, land bank and natural resources. Do we still want to engage them to manage Sabah after the 13th general election? The BN managers had failed their entrusted task miserably for all these years.

So it is "ini kali lah", lets change and vote for the new PR managers to manage Sabah and Malaysia for us.

KKMP Hiew King Cheu

Pic: Hiew and DAP leaders in Tg Aru.

热门口号 - “是时候了!”

沙巴民主行动党走访丹容亚路,会见该处的民众,同时分派火箭报。亚庇国会议员邱慶洲今天告诉记者说,最令人惊讶和鼓舞的是,公众已经开始回应并说 – “是时候了" (Ini kali lah)

从广大市民的心声,很清楚看到人民都期待著要改变。 “改变”的意念和希望越来越强烈,并迅速传到沙巴州的每个角落。许多人民希望看到改变,他们期待民联能够执政国州政府,这是人民共同的看法

邱国会议员说,他走访各地方并和民众会面时,的確感到很不一样了,因为到处总是听到人民大声的回应说“是时候了! 他说,在过去的大选中,当时的口号总是以“换衣服”,但实际上,即使是已经换了“衣服”,但实际上却没有把“人”换掉“换衣服”后的同组人物还是到回来执政。这与上一届的政府并没有什么不同或改变,只不过是"换汤不换药"。這些人物大都是来自以前的沙統(USNO),人民黨(BERJAYA) 或 團結黨(PBS),而今天還在国阵裡。

如果我们希望看到沙巴和马来西亚有兴旺的未来,那么应该要有显着和有真正的改变,包括要換人了。 因此要把不好的"经理”全换掉,让无糟糕记录,滿有思维,有新策略和方针的人士来服务人民,他们必能够有效的管理沙巴和马来西亚,最重要的是能够讓大家分享更好的发展。 民联管理槟城,吉打,吉兰丹和雪兰莪州政府就是個很好铁证的例子。我们看到该些州的改变,各方面的发展都快速增长,经济稳定,而且该州的人民都快乐

邱氏说,透过政治教育向人民解释有关“好经理”和“坏经理” 的差异,已让民众清楚看到的确需要改变和換經理。人民也理解到要拯救马来西亚和沙巴州唯一合乎逻辑并且非常简单的解决方案就是“改变”,也就是把“坏经理”全换掉

尽管沙巴拥有森林,土地和天然资源,但是因为该些无能的经理,导致沙巴州已成为马来西亚贫穷的州属之一。我们还要让他们继续治理沙巴州吗? 我们还要给他们在第13届大选后获胜吗? 这些年来,沙巴人已清楚的看到他们所投选的国阵经理们,是无法胜任所托付的工作。