Thursday, 6 December 2012

Jalan Mission in Kudat still bad // 古达圣堂路仍然很糟糕


该段马路让许多马路使用者非常头痛和不满。 他们向沙巴民主行动党古达支部办事处要求關注有关事件,该支部主席亚历士黄(Alex Wong)与到來探访的亚庇国会议员邱庆洲和黨员即前往视察该段马路的状况

The Jalan Mission is still very bad due to many complaints on its non completion after a long delay. In spite of some work carried out to patch up the pot holes and broken road surfaces, and a long section of the road has collapsed seriously, causing half of the road settled almost 2 feet deep.

This road is continuing to be the headache for many people who use this road regularly. They filed the complaint to the Sabah DAP Kudat Branch and the branch chairman Alex Wong brought the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu to check on the condition of the road during his visit here in Kudat.

The inspection saw the road is definitely in a poor stage and many portion of the road surface without asphalt. The worst part is that there is a long section of about two hundred feet had collapsed even the road is completed. There is no warning signage about the collapsed section, and it is dangerous during night hours. The people said that they couldn’t understand why the JKR can’t complete the road and do a proper job. So many Ministers had visited here but they see no result and don’t know when this road can be completed.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu said this is truly a case of negligence on the part of JKR and the government as a whole. He also couldn’t understand why the authorities took so long to get a simple job completed. Someone must be able to give an explanation, and may be the Minister of Infrastructure Development Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kittingan can do so. We see that he had failed in many occasions and locations on his duty as a minister. He should show some commitment in getting the job done up in full and not making excuses here and there. The people should not suffer due to his inability to do his job.

The JKR must make it a point to complete the road soonest possible. Better change the contractors if they are no good and cannot do their job.
Hiew King Cheu KK MP

Pic: Hiew and John inspecting the settled Mission Road



该段马路让许多马路使用者非常头痛和不满。 他们向沙巴民主行动党古达支部办事处要求關注有关事件,该支部主席亚历士黄(Alex Wong)与到來探访的亚庇国会议员邱庆洲和黨员即前往视察该段马路的状况。

他们发现该马路有部分的路段非常糟糕,此外很多路面也没有沥青。最糟糕的是约二百英尺长的路段已经坍塌下陷。 由于没有安置任何警告牌以提醒司机,对晚上行驶的人士是极危险的。该处人说,他们无法理解为何工务局迄今都无法完成该段马路。 此外已有部长和官員曾到访審查该处,但却没有任何结果,也不知道什么时候该段马路才能修建好。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,从这情况來看,工务局和政府确实有疏忽该工程。 他也很不明白为何当局要花了这么长的时间去完成這简单的工作。 政府当局必须要给人民一个合理的解释和交待,也许身为基本设施发展部长的丹斯里拿督拜林應該向人民親自交待原因。 我们看到他在很多方面都无法有效的履行他做部长的责任。 他应该要努力的把工作做好,而不是找諸多借口以推卸责任。 如果他有尽其职责,人民就不会受苦和面对问题。

工务局必须要在短期内把该段马路完成。 如果所委任的承包商无法把该工程做好,就应该更换另一家承包商,不可再拖延。

图 :邱庆洲和李金星视察破烂的圣堂路