Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Barrier required in front of drain // 大水沟需要围栏

下南南商务中心附近德士站前方的大水沟是没有任何围栏。 德士司机如果不小心随时可能整辆车会掉入深水沟里。 据说该处曾经已发生过一宗类似的意外,一辆德士因不小心掉入深沟里。

The taxi stand in the Inanam Business Centre near the North Bus Terminal in Inanam has no protection barrier at all in front of the deep storm drain. The taxi if not careful might fall into the drain. There was such accident happened before where a taxi had fallen into the deep drain.

The Sabah DAP walkabout team while visiting the Inanam Business Centre saw the situation, and it is true that there is no barrier or guard rail to protect the taxi from falling in. There is no raised kerb either to block the car wheels too. The taxi drivers there also requested the DAP to seek help from DBKK to install some form of protection by the drain side.

Edward Ewol Mujie said this situation can be corrected by installing a crush-barrier or construct a concrete raised kerb. He said this will eliminate the risk of cars falling into the drain. This is a simple job and he wants the DBKK to come to rectify the situation soonest possible.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

Pic: Drain without barriers in front of taxi stand    

沙巴民主行动党走访团队,在走访下南南商务中心期间,接到该项投诉,并前往视察,发现该没有围栏的水沟确实很危险。 此外路面也没有任何建设以防止车辆越逾。德士司机们促请沙行动党向亚庇市政厅反映有关问题,并要求市政厅在沟渠边建设围栏。

爱德华慕吉说,该处的问题是很容易纠正的,当局只需要沿着沟渠旁安装一道围栏,就可以阻挡车辆越逾,他说当局必须要关注该处司机的安全。 他敦促亚庇市政厅尽快前去处理该项问题。