Wednesday, 9 January 2013

数千万马币的拨款来处理淹水问题,但是迄今问题还未获得解决 // The flood problems remain unsolved in spite the many promises made and millions of ringgits being allocated by the government

 国阵政府尽管给于许多承诺,并拨出数千万马币的拨款来处理淹水问题,但是迄今问题还未获得解决。 如今雨季已到来,并且将持续到3月, 因此人们不得不准备必要的措施,来预防雨水侵入房屋和商店里。 他们在房屋和门槛前建设拦水墙,此外还准备了许多沙包和塞子以堵塞水孔等。

民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,根据天气报告,即将到来的雨季会延续至今年3月,他希望大家能准备必要的措施以防水淹,尤其是沙巴州许多较常面对浸水的地方。这些地方包括沙巴首府亚庇市,保佛和斗湖。 每年发生水淹时,就会造成许多人面对重大损失和诸多的不便。

The flood problems remain unsolved in spite the many promises made and millions of ringgits being allocated by the government. Now the heavy rainy season is approaching and will continue until March, the people have to gear up to prepare the necessary precautious measure to stop flood water from getting into the houses and shops. They are putting their house hold items higher, blocking the door entrance, stock up sand begs and plugging water holes etc.

The DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu read about the Metrological report that the coming rainy season which will prolong until March this year and he hopes the people will get ready before the floods hit many parts of Sabah. This is particularly in the state capital Kota Kinabalu, Beaufort and in Tawau, where the floods reoccur every year causing heavy losses and inconveniences to the people.

The flood mitigation projects announced by the government are slow going and with little progress. It is not seen with much effect to eliminate the flood problems. There are huge sums of money allocated but the works are still lagging behind.

In the Kota Kinabalu area, like the Sg Dambai under the Flood Mitigation Project of Sg Menggatal, Sg Petagas and Sg Moyog was given RM36 million Federal allocation under the 10th Malaysia Plan 1st Rolling Plan (2011-2012). The Sabah state government has put up another sum of RM 3.5 million in the Kota Kinabalu Flood Control Scheme. The Kota Kinabalu City Drainage Scheme has been allocated a sum of RM20.5 million by the state government in the 10th MP.    In Tawau, the improvement to Sg Tawau under the 10th Malaysia Plan 1st Rolling Plan similarly has given a sum of RM4 million to the state government to improve the flood situation in Kg Pasir Putih, Tawau.

Despite the many allocations had been made, but today we see not much work had been carried in the areas which are prompt with flood. The works supposed to have completed by now but these were not even started yet. That means the poor Sabahan will continue to be soaked in deep flood water. There are many works needed to be carried out in Sabah to solve the flood problem but the people are disappointed to see that the promises were not kept. They worry that this situation will continue unless something is done immediately.

Hiew said it is quite definite in Kota Kinabalu, the flood prompt area like Lido, Menggatal, Putatan, Likas, Telipok, and many other areas will again faced flood problem. It is a must that the authorities will get down to clear all the drains and remove all blockages in side the water ways to ensure swift flow of water. The silted drains must be done first, Those silted river mouth in Petagas, Karamumsing, Likas River mouth and in Menggatal and Telipok River should be cleared and open up to allow quicker flow of water into the sea.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP 


国阵政府尽管给于许多承诺,并拨出数千万马币的拨款来处理淹水问题,但是迄今问题还未获得解决。 如今雨季已到来,并且将持续到3月, 因此人们不得不准备必要的措施,来预防雨水侵入房屋和商店里。 他们在房屋和门槛前建设拦水墙,此外还准备了许多沙包和塞子以堵塞水孔等。

民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,根据天气报告,即将到来的雨季会延续至今年3月,他希望大家能准备必要的措施以防水淹,尤其是沙巴州许多较常面对浸水的地方。这些地方包括沙巴首府亚庇市,保佛和斗湖。 每年发生水淹时,就会造成许多人面对重大损失和诸多的不便。

政府所公布的防洪计划工程进度非常缓慢,而且许多甚至还没有开工。  到今天也没看到有效的减低水患问题。 虽然政府拨出巨额的款项,但问题仍然存在。

联邦政府拨出了马币三千六百万以进行亚庇市附近的丹拜河(Sg. Dambai),孟加达河,必打卡士河和摩约河的防洪计划工程项目,该工程是属于第十大马计划中的第一滚动计划(2011-2012) 沙巴州政府另外拨出马币三百五十万以展开亚庇防洪计划。 沙州政府也在第十大马计划下获得马币两千五十万(RM20.5 million)的款项用于改善亚庇市区内排水系统。在第十大马计划之第一滚动计划中也拨出了马币四百万(RM4 million)给州政府在斗湖进行类似的工程,以改善斗湖Kg Pasir Putih的淹水问题。

尽管国阵政府有许多拨款,但是到今天我们却没有看到积极的工作在经常淹水的地区进行。 如果根据计划实行,现在应该是已完成了该些防洪的工作,可惜的是有些工作还没开始。  可怜的沙巴人必须还要继续泡浸在深水里。   如果真正要解决淹水的问题,的确需要真正的去把工作做好。 人民对政府感到很失望,因为他们并没有遵守承诺。  除非当局立即进行防洪的工作,否则淹水情况将会继续延续下去。

邱氏说,亚庇市将会再次面对淹水的问题,尤其是丽都一带,孟加达,里卡士,打里卜以及地形较低的地区。 现在当局首先要做的是,必须立即清理所有的排水沟,尤其是面对严重堵塞问题的水沟,以确保水沟能迅速把水排走。 此外当局必须清理在必打卡士,加拉汶星,里卡士的河口处,以及孟加达和打里卜河口处的淤积,以让河水能够迅速的流入海里。