Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Glamorous Grand-Ma contest //魅力祖母赛


该项节目会在1月底举行,总结赛的日期和地点将会稍候公布。 该特别节目是提供给祖母级的女士一个千载难逢参与的机会,同时让她们获得良好的经验和美好的回忆。

DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office is organizing a very special event apart from the regular political functions. This is the third non political function organized by the KK MP office since last year. Last year we had the Children Karaoke Singing contest and the Children Coloring Contest.

To start off this year’s program with the people, a “Glamorous Grand-Ma Contest” is installed. This will be held in one of the grand ball room in Kota Kinabalu at the end of January 2013, and the final date of the contest shall be made known at a later date. The idea of the contest is to provide the grand-mother class ladies a golden chance to have fun and at the same time to gain excellent experience and wonderful memories.

In Sabah, there are many gorgeous, beautiful, and high class-looking ladies who are already grand-mothers of a few grand children. Never think you are already a grand mother and you are off limit to any beauty contest. The idea of holding this contest came when some grannies approached the KK MP Hiew King Cheu asking him whether this type of contest can be organized by the KK MP Office, and Hiew replied that ‘it is definitely yes’!

The contest details have been formulated and the conditions and criteria for the contest are also outlined for the potential contestants to comply with and follow. An organizing committee has been set up to prepare for the contest, with Puan Noriah Onong being selected as the organizing chair lady. She is not only a grand-mother but she is also a beautician by profession. There is no age limit set in the contest, except the contestant must be a grand-mother. The contest is made easy and there are only 3 rounds on stage to enable the judges to give marks. The first round is the “Casual Wear” round with family members and grand children on stage, the second round is the “Evening Gown” round, and the final round is the “Question and Answer” round.

The organizing committee has decided to select only 20 from the entries to go on stage for the contest. This is due to the time constrains, and the ladies who wish to participate in the contest should go to the KK MP Office in Foh Sang to get the entry forms and to understand more about the details concerning the contest. There are attractive cash prices for the winners, plus gifts sponsored by cosmetic companies. The dinner event shall also see famous even-gown show brought in from Kuala Lumpur by famous fashion designers.

The closing date for submission of entry form and the necessary detail for the contest is on 16th of January, 2013. We welcome contestants from other parts of Sabah too. For further information please contact KK MP Office 088254987 Adeline, Andrew Lee 0168120888, Robert Rajah 0168482511, and Noriah Onong 0198721665.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: the organizing chairperson of the grand-ma contest, Puan Noriah Onong 




该项节目会在1月底举行,总结赛的日期和地点将会稍候公布。 该特别节目是提供给祖母级的女士一个千载难逢参与的机会,同时让她们获得良好的经验和美好的回忆。

沙巴州有好多漂亮和高贵的祖母。千万不要以为身为祖母是被限制参与任何选美赛。 此外举办这项比赛的另一个目的是因为有些祖母极的女士曾经问亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,是否能举办这类型的赛事,邱氏回答说:这肯定是可以的

该赛事的详情已制定,所有参赛者必须遵守其条件和标准。 亚庇国会议员办事处已为该项赛事成立了筹委会,其筹委主席是诺丽雅娥浓女士。 她不仅是一位祖母,她也是一名专业美容师。 该魅力祖母赛的条件除了是参赛者必须是一位祖母之外,是没有年龄的限制。 比赛规则很简单,只有3个回合。 第一回合是以便装上台,并在家人或儿孙陪同下出场,第二回是以晚礼服上台,而最后的回合是问答环节。

由于赛事的时间有限,筹委会决定只能选择20名祖母参赛。  希望要参加魅力祖母赛的女士们尽早前往位于和生园的亚庇国会议员办事处索取报名表格,并了解更多有关比赛的细节。 优胜者将会获得丰富的现金奖,以及化妆品公司赞助的产品。  此外当晚的晚宴还可以观赏来自吉隆坡著名设计师所设计的礼服展。

魅力祖母赛的报名截止日期是116日,参赛者应尽早提交报名表格。 此外我们也欢迎来自沙巴其他地区的祖母参加。 欲想了解更多的详情,请联络亚庇国会议员办事处088-254987(Adeline)Andrew(016-8120888)Robert(016-8482511)Noriah Onong(019-8721665)