Wednesday, 9 January 2013

IGNORANT Actions by Penampang Council // 懒散的兵南邦县议会

兵南邦县议会迄今仍然没有改善其工作效率。人们想知道为何兵南邦县议会多年来仍然无法有效的处理兵南邦区的问题。  我们仍然可以看到在兵南邦许多地方,特别是住宅区都是长满野草,水沟里的污水停滞不前,到处是破烂的马路(豆腐渣马路),经常发生故障的污水处理系统,常见损坏倒塌的水渠等问题。 为何兵南邦县议会一直都没有去处理这些问题和改善该处的环境及照顾居民。

Penampang Council (MDP) is up to their nonsense again. The people just wonder why this is still happening ever since Majlis Daerah Penampang has been established for many years now. You may still see, in Penampang housing areas in particular, uncut grass, dirty drains, bad roads(Tau Fu Road), blocked sewerage system, damaged and collapses drains etc.... What has the Majlis Daerah Penampang done so far to improve these basic facilities needed by the people in Penampang.

Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to Kota Kinabalu MP was commenting on the situation in Penampang after a site inspection at a few locations. The Majlis Daerah Penampang has failed to carry out its duties in serving the people. The residents of Penampang in particular deserve a better quality service. The residents here are just fed up and furious about the situation in Penampang.

Complaints after complaints, but the District Officer is just being ignorant and irresponsible. The resident of Penampang needs a reliable person to manage the District Council.  It’s about time to clean up the mess and to ensure the people there live comfortably in their home.   The drains need to be cleaned up, especially years of collected dirt and black soil at the bottom of the drains.

Andrew Lee suggested that the current District Officer must propose a better plan for Penampang to improve its service, and if fail to do so, the District Officer should be removed and to be replaced with a capable person to run the show.  Andrew stressed that lack of funds should not be use an as excuse in this matter.  The Majlis Daerah Penampang collected millions of Ringgit each year from house assessment, hawker stall rental, space rental, business licence renewal fees, where has the money gone to?

Andrew urges the Majlis Daerah Penampang to provide better service.   They must carry out their duties efficiently with dedication and at the same time to be a reliable council. The Penampang people have the right to demand a cleaner, safer and a healthier environment.

By : Andrew Lee Chee Keong


兵南邦县议会迄今仍然没有改善其工作效率。人们想知道为何兵南邦县议会多年来仍然无法有效的处理兵南邦区的问题。  我们仍然可以看到在兵南邦许多地方,特别是住宅区都是长满野草,水沟里的污水停滞不前,到处是破烂的马路(豆腐渣马路),经常发生故障的污水处理系统,常见损坏倒塌的水渠等问题。 为何兵南邦县议会一直都没有去处理这些问题和改善该处的环境及照顾居民。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲的特别助理李志强接到许多民众的投诉,他前往该处的几个地点进行实地视察。他说,该县议会未能履行其职责以服务群众,实在是不应该,该处的居民都有还门牌税,因此应该得到好的服务。 如今该处居民已经厌倦和极度不满他们的工作态度。

该处的居民一而再,再而三的投诉,但县议官似乎对该些投诉视而不见,睁着眼却没看见。兵南邦居民需要一名可靠并会做工的县官来管理该处。 官员们是时候要处理该处的问题,并确保该处的居民拥有舒适的生活环境。 尤其是该处的排水沟多年来凝聚淤泥和垃圾都需要清理。

李氏建议兵南邦县官必须提供给兵南邦区完善的服务,如果无法做到这一点,那么就应该引咎辞职,换上一位有能力处理问题的人。 李氏强调说,他们不应该以缺乏资金作为借口,这样做只是推卸责任而已。 兵南邦县议会每年都收取上千万令吉的税收,如门牌税,小贩摊位租金,民众会堂租用金,营业牌费等等,这些钱到底去了哪里?