Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Luyang Polyclinic car park lacking // 路阳政府综合诊所缺乏泊车位

众多市民前往路阳政府综合诊所时都感到非常不满,因为他们无法找到合适的地方泊车。 该处的泊车位都挤满了汽车,导致车主被迫把车泊在不适合泊车的地方,如人行道,马路旁以及对面的房屋区。

许多人前往亚庇国会议员办事处投诉有关事项,并希望亚庇国会议员邱庆洲能向当局反映该问题。邱氏说,他两年前(2010)已把该问题带到国会中提问,并还获得联邦卫生部长廖中莱的书面回答,他说将会处理该问题,并且会在Taman Bestari建设33个泊车位。 亚庇市政厅已经批准并且会当年开始兴建工作。


The general publics who went to the Luyang Polyclinic were furious because they couldn’t find a single “suitable place” to park their cars. The area is filled with cars everyway during peak visiting hours to the polyclinic, where car owners were forced to “dump” their cars on some “unsuitable” parking areas like pavements, roads, corners and even in the housing area opposite the Polyclinic.

They went to the KK MP office to file the complaint and hope the KK MP Hiew King Cheu can assist in the matter. Hiew said the matter was brought up by him many years ago and he had the reply from the Health Minister that they will attend to the matter and construct 33 car parking lots in the Taman Bestari ground. This was approved by the DBKK and the work would commence in 2010 the latest.

Very sadly, until today we still see no sign of the 33 car parks, most likely this must have been forgotten by the MOH and the DBKK.

The problem is getting more serious now due to the ever increasing number of cars. The patients find it really difficult to find a parking space but have to risk receiving summons from the enforcement and police.

MP Hiew said the car parking place in Luyang Polyclinic must be enlarged to accommodate extra cars. It is unlikely that the authorities can’t even build 33 car parking lots. If they can’t do this, what else they can do? This no doubt had reflected the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the BN government. We are not asking them to build a multi-storey car park but merely 33 parking lots on the ground.

MP Hiew urges the government to immediately start work on the 33 car parking lots and do not wait until the election is over. By then the BN wouldn’t be required to carry out this task anymore.

Pic: the parking situation in front of the Luyang Polyclinic

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


众多市民前往路阳政府综合诊所时都感到非常不满,因为他们无法找到合适的地方泊车。 该处的泊车位都挤满了汽车,导致车主被迫把车泊在不适合泊车的地方,如人行道,马路旁以及对面的房屋区。

许多人前往亚庇国会议员办事处投诉有关事项,并希望亚庇国会议员邱庆洲能向当局反映该问题。邱氏说,他两年前(2010)已把该问题带到国会中提问,并还获得联邦卫生部长廖中莱的书面回答,他说将会处理该问题,并且会在Taman Bestari建设33个泊车位。 亚庇市政厅已经批准并且会当年开始兴建工作。


由于车辆数量不断的增加,促使该处的泊车问题是越来越严重。 前往看病的民众实在是很难找到一个泊车位,因此不得不冒着会接到执法单位和警察的罚单而违法泊车。

邱国会议员说,路阳政府综合诊所的泊车场必须要扩大,以容纳更多的车辆。  很不幸的是,迄今联邦卫生局甚至无法把该33个泊车位建好,如果这么简单的工作都无法做到,他们还可以做些什么? 这无疑反映出国阵政府的低效率和无能。 我们不是要求他们建立多层停车场,只是要多33个泊车位,但是他们却做不到。

邱氏敦促政府立即开始兴建该33个泊车位,不要等到选举结束后才后悔。 届时我们将不再需要国阵政府进行该项工程了。