Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SAFMA ground not suitable // 沙巴渔业销售机构(SAFMA)的地点不适合小渔船


The issue on the small local fishing boats being asked to land their catch onto the SAFMA ground is unreasonable. This call was made by the Kota Kinabalu City Hall when the KK MP Hiew King Cheu suggested a small jetty to be constructed at the back of the KK fish market to provide an easy way for the local fishermen to unload their catch.

At the moment, these small fishing boats are unloading their catch from the small boat over the sea wall and through a hole in the fence. There is no proper landing point or jetty any way to be found. This job is risky and the chance for them falling into the sea with their catch is high during rough sea.

The fishermen want the jetty to be built and a gate opening for their access to the fish market. They wouldn’t want to unload their catch to the SAFMA ground for fear that they will be charged. The second reason is that the SAFMA jetty is congested and crowded with big fishing boats unloading fishes, uploading supplies, refueling and pumping in fresh water. If small fishing boats are squeezing in between, what will happen? This is definitely a bad suggestion from the DBKK, and the fishermen asked, who is going to carry the baskets of fishes from the SAFMA jetty to the central fish market for them?

KK MP Hiew suggested that the best solution is the government should utilize some fund to build a small jetty for the local fishermen operating with small fishing boats. A gateway is to be open for their access to the fish market and to land their catch. The government should try its best to meet and provide the convenience and to solve the problems of the people.

Besides, the passenger jetty next to the KK fish market where the passenger boats ferrying people to the islands is falling into very bad shape and soon it will not be serviceable anymore. Hiew urges the authority to come in to make repair before the jetty fall into pieces. There are thousand of people using the jetty every day, and they cannot do without the jetty even a single day.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: passenger ferry jetty in bad shape.  



目前,该些小渔船们是靠向海提并通过有洞的篱笆卸下他们渔获。 该处没有合适的着陆点或码头让他们卸货。  该卸渔获的方式是很风险,渔夫与其渔获随时会掉落在波涛汹涌的大海中,尤其是遇到大风浪时。

渔民要求当局在鱼巴刹建设码头和闸门,以让他们可以直接卸渔获。 他们不想在沙巴渔业销售机构的码头卸货是因为担心被挤压。第二个原因是该处的码头很拥挤,而且许多大渔船在该处卸渔获,装载补给品,添加燃油和装载食水上大船。 如果小渔船挤在两者之间,可以想象将会很危险的,因此亚庇市政厅的建设绝对是不妥当。  此外该些渔民问,谁将会协助他们把大篓子里的鱼从SAFMA码头运送到鱼巴刹呢?

邱国会议员认为,最好的解决办法是,政府应该拨款建设小型码头给渔民使用。  兴建闸门是让他们可以方便登陆,并把渔获送到鱼巴刹。 政府应该尽最大努力关注渔民的福祉,提供便利并解决他们问题。

此外,鱼巴刹旁边运送客人到对面岛的客运浮台已破烂不堪,并已不适用和将会危及搭客。 邱氏督促当局立即前来维修。  每天都有上千的人使用该破烂的浮台搭船,政府是不是要等到发生意外后才来修补呢?