Monday, 4 February 2013

CNY booths in front of shops need no extra license // 农历新年店前帐篷摊位不需额外牌照


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲已向亚庇市政厅负责人查询有关新年期间在店前摆卖的牌照事宜,当局告知说,此类的摊位是不必要申请。 店主只需要付还商店前的泊车位租金即可。 实际上是不需另外申请,因为已经包括在原本商店的营业牌照中。

Many shop operators in Kota Kinabalu City had approached the KK MP Office on the issue that they are puzzled over whether that they need to apply for a special license to sell CNY goods in front of their shops.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu had made enquiry to the DBKK who is in charge of the licensing and permits for this extended special CNY booths, and the answer given, it is not necessary. The shop operators have only need to apply and pay for the car parking spaces required for the extra booths that is in front of their shops. No extra license is required because it is already included in the original license of the shop concerned.

Hiew hopes DBKK can assist the people in what ever way to make the CNY happy and prosperous. The small businesses are hoping to use this festive period to make some money especially during this bad economy outlook. The sales of the CNY goods have not pick up, and the sale of goods has not pick up. “It is hard time for many people”, the shoppers told the KK MP Hiew during his CNY walkabout in the City. They hope after the PRU13, with a new government setting in, the situation will improve. Hiew replied that it is the will of many people to see a new government, and from the way how the people using the common saying “INI KALI LAH” everyway, we can tell it is not long to go now.

KK MP Hiew said it is CNY time and he hope every one can enjoy the festive joy and the holiday. It is not only the Chinese people but it is for every one irrespective of race and religion. He is happy to see that the people in the country can share the occasion in harmony and respect, especially in Sabah.

MP Hiew advices all those who have to drive long distances back to their home towns, be very careful on the road because the bad road condition is not safe and very dangerous especially at night. A pot hole can cause disaster to the car and drivers, drive carefully and safely, no need to rush. The government did not bother to maintain our road properly therefore the people suffer the most. They pay the contract “handsomely”, but yet the people suffered. This is bad management on the part of the government, it is time in the PRU13 to change the bad BN managers and replace them with better PR managers.

MP Hiew said this CNY will not be celebrated by him as usual, because this CNY period will be fully used for the election campaign run. On the 1st day of the CNY (10th February), he will be in Ranau and Keningau with Datuk Seri Anwar and coming back at night to KK to attend the PKR CNY dinner in the Putra Theatre. The campaign run will continue through out the CNY period, with the DAP CNY open house set on the 12th February at SM Kian Kok and the open house on the 17th February at the KKIP shops (Salut Commercial Centre), both function starts from 10am to 2pm. All are welcome.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



亚庇国会议员邱庆洲已向亚庇市政厅负责人查询有关新年期间在店前摆卖的牌照事宜,当局告知说,此类的摊位是不必要申请。 店主只需要付还商店前的泊车位租金即可。 实际上是不需另外申请,因为已经包括在原本商店的营业牌照中。

邱氏希望亚庇市政厅可以提供协助,特别是新年摊位摆卖,让大家都有个愉快的农历新年。商家都希望在该佳节期间赚多些钱,尤其是在经济不景气之下。 邱氏在走访拜年期间,店主们告诉他说,目前的农历新年商品销售量下降,因为经济的不景对大众影响极大。他们都希望在即将来临的第十三届大选,有个大改变,让经济情况有所改善。 邱氏指出市民都强烈期望看到有个新政府,现在大家口中最流行的话语,就是‘是时候了!Ini Kali Lah!’

邱国会议员说,农历新年将近,他希望每个人都可以欢度佳节的喜悦和欢乐。 这不仅是华裔的节日,同时也是全马来西亚人的佳节,这是没有分种族或宗教。 他很高兴地看到全国人民可以彼此和谐共享及互相尊重,尤其是在沙巴州。

邱氏藉此提醒那些驾车回乡的人士,必须小心驾驶,因为许多地方的马路状况很糟糕也不安全,尤其是在夜间行驶时是非常危险的。 一个坑洞可能会导致交通意外,危及司机和乘客。 小心驾驶,安全第一。 政府一直都没有尽力于马路保养的工作,导致马路使用者身受其害。 他们支付给承包商“可观”的费用,但马路使用者依然继续受苦。 这是因为政府没有好好管理,因此在即将来临的第十三届大选,应该把不良的国阵经理换掉,让有能力和勤力工作的经理上任。

邱氏说,今年他不会像往常一样与家人和亲朋戚友庆祝新年,因为这新年期间他将进行更多的竞选走访。 大年初一(210日),他将和拿督斯里安华往兰瑙和根地咬走访,当晚赶回亚庇出席在武吉巴当太子剧院的公正党新年晚宴。 今年的新年期间也会继续进行其他竞选走访活动。 此外沙巴民主行动党将举办新春门户开放,日期是212日在建国中学大礼堂,以及于217日在亚庇工业园商店(KKIP Salut Commercial Centre),时间是上午10时开始至到下午2点。欢迎大家踊跃出席。