Thursday, 28 February 2013

Country Heights shops neglected Country Heights // 被忽视

沙巴地产发展业在快速增长,而其价格也跟着高涨。必须要关注的是该些发展必须专业。 这将确保所有购屋者拥有稳定和盈利的地产价值,如果没有采取这步骤,其地值将会下降。

Property development in Sabah is fast blooming and so is the prices too which rocketing sky high are till today. However, professional and a proper planning are required by all developers concern. With this, it will ensure all property buyers a stable and profitable value in the near future, if none of this steps are taken, property value will take a fall.

Andrew Lee, (Special Assistant to KK MP) who was commenting during a site inspection at the Country Heights Shops. Numerous complaints were channeled to KK MP Office. Many angry business operators are frustrated over this issue as it has been going on for number of years now. The surrounding is unbearable. The developer of this property is said to have failed to deliver its promises. Formerly known as Wong Kwok Group and now, W Group is the developer of Country Heights Properties, Beverly Apartments, University Apartments and many more others in Kota Kinabalu City. The angry owners and business operators just don’t understand why the developer is delaying the hand over to the Majlis Daerah Penampang. Are they just being ignorant about this matter?

The surroundings of this property is filthy and smelly, and yet the developer is being mum about it. Andrew was made to understand, that the developer (Wong Kwok Group) will only maintain the property surroundings for a period of six months upon issuing of occupation certificate (OC) to property purchasers. The developer must abide by terms and conditions before handing over to Majlis Daerah Penampang.

Terms & Conditions
- Developer must obtain 70% of property owners signatures to agree in handing over to MDPng.
- Developer to build a proper bus stand for the public.
- Developer to build a bins house.
- Developer to ensure all man holes are properly covered.
- Grass to be cut twice a month.

All in all, the overall area must be in excellent condition before handing over to the council. As for now, urgent reparse are required. Andrew urges the developer of this property to carry out its duties to ensure the public and the property owners in particular a safe and clean property. The developer needs to speed up the necessary process in getting this organized. As for now, MDPng carries out collection of rubbish as a good will to assist the public. Andrew suggest that all development projects under the jurisdiction of this respective local councils should take over in carrying out maintenance work after a certain period of time automatically from the developer.

For further details on his mentioned matter, the public are can contact Mr. Presley of Majlis Daerah Penampang at 088-711 711.

Andrew Lee

Country Heights被忽视

沙巴地产发展业在快速增长,而其价格也跟着高涨。必须要关注的是该些发展必须专业。 这将确保所有购屋者拥有稳定和盈利的地产价值,如果没有采取这步骤,其地值将会下降。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲的特别助理李志强接到店主投诉有关Country Height商店的问题,就前往该处进行视察。 不滿的店主们说,该处的问题已经持续了许多年,但是当局一直都没有给予关注,让他们感到很沮丧和极度的不满。该发展商没有执行其承诺去保养该处的环境。黄国集团是众所皆知的发展商,他们的公寓工程有比佛利公寓,大学公寓以及其他等等。 愤怒的店主不明白,为何该发展商一直延迟延交出地盘给兵南邦县议会。他们似乎是在拖延。

目前该处依然是属于该发展商所管理,而发展商却没有照顾到该处环境的问题,导致周围又肮脏又恶臭。李氏被告知,皇国集团发出入伙纸给买家后,只会保养其环境清洁六个月。 其实发展商必须遵守的条款和条件,然后才移交兵南邦县议会。

- 发展商必须获得70%的业主的签名同意才移交给兵南邦县议会。
- 发展商必须兴建一个适当的公共巴士站。
- 发展商必须兴建垃圾收集站。
- 发展商必须确保所有的沙井都有覆盖。
- 必须一个月两次清楚周边的杂草。

此外该处的环境必须在良好的条件下才移交给县议会。李氏敦促该发展商应该履行其职责,以确保该处的环境清洁,特别是安全措施方面,他们不可拖延或装着没看见。 目前兵南邦县议会有安排垃圾车前往收集垃圾。 李氏建议在各地方县议会管辖下的发展项目应该在一定的时间内自动从发展商转交给县议会,以方便他们可以进行任何保养和维修工作。

李氏说,若有人向进一步了解所提及此事的详情,可致给电兵南邦议会Mr. Presley088-711711