Friday, 15 February 2013

Dirty and Smelly Drains reflected poor performance of BN // 肮脏恶臭的沟渠反映国阵不佳的表现

沙巴州各处有许多的排水渠面对堵塞,发出恶臭,非常肮脏满是垃圾,尤其是亚庇市,这情况已是很常见的景象。 例如在路阳和生园商店后面的大水沟有同样的情况,这是水利渠灌溉局(DID)和亚庇市政厅所管辖,然而该大水沟经常满是垃圾和发出恶臭。

It is becoming a norm for the people living in Kota Kinabalu and in Sabah in general to see blocked drains that are smelly, dirty and full of rubbish; and this one behind the Foh Sang shops along Jalan Kolam is under the jurisdiction of the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) and DBKK.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu said, it is not only an eyesore but the stinking smell puts people off their lunch or dinner. What is the DID and DBKK doing, and it is their job to go around and inspect all the drains under their jurisdiction? People - who live in the area, the shops owners and the people who frequent the area for their food, are all complaining, but only to deaf ears?

Hiew said, this kind of thing has been going on all the time and for ages. Nobody seems to be responsible and will attend to clean up the drains. So it is very clear that the authorities are not doing their job. The KK City Mayor who is in charge just couldn’t care less about the problem even with the people are watching and scrutinizing their performance so very close to the elections. This is why the people want to have a change in the administration of the state for betterment.

PM Najib has told the BN people to “Turun Padang” and to do their jobs properly and meet the people to listen to the peoples’ problems. It looks like they are still very comfortable sitting in their air-conditioned offices having a good time. The BN leaders during their CNY greeting visit in town are often being thrown back by the people with a common saying “Hallo, nice to see you once a year”!  However, there is a lot of work that should be done, such as cleaning up large drain which is a simple task but cannot be handled and resolved, what else can they do for the people?

Not only these drains are smelly and dirty; they are also unhygienic and a good breeding ground for pests and insects. These drains are eyesore and shocking for tourism as they do not give a good impression to tourists about Sabah and Malaysia. How can we show a good example to others? The BN government is on a transformation program and these kinds of examples are not transformations at all. The BN ministers are all still sleeping, and it is now time for a big change, and not necessary to wake them up anymore. WE just change them.

Don’t wait until the drains get clogged up by rubbish and started flooding. The people may have to do “Gotong Royong” to clean up the drains by themselves one day.

Hiew King Cheu – KK MP


沙巴州各处有许多的排水渠面对堵塞,发出恶臭,非常肮脏满是垃圾,尤其是亚庇市,这情况已是很常见的景象。 例如在路阳和生园商店后面的大水沟有同样的情况,这是水利渠灌溉局(DID)和亚庇市政厅所管辖,然而该大水沟经常满是垃圾和发出恶臭。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,该大水沟不仅有碍观瞻,而且臭气熏天,使到前往和生园用餐的人难以享用他们午餐或晚餐。 水利灌溉局和亚庇市政厅到底有做好他们工作吗? 他们的工作应该是要定期进行视察所管辖的排水沟。居住在和生园的居民和店主经常抱怨有关事件,但是当局好像聋子般的听不见。

邱氏说,这种情况已经持续有很长的一段时间。似乎没有人去清理该排水渠,这很清楚看到有关当局并没有做好他们的工作。 亚庇市长雅必丁简直不关心该问题,现在人民都在审核他们的工作表现,尤其要接近大选期间。 人们要更换代议士的主要原因,因现任的‘经理’不做工。

首相纳吉告诉国阵领袖要“走入人群(Turun Padang),并且要妥善的做好自己的工作,服务人民,倾听他们的问题。 但是国阵领袖还是宁可坐在办公室,享受在冷气和舒适的环境。 在新年期间国阵领袖走访各处拜年时,往往被民众回弹说:“你好,很高兴一年一次才见到你”! 可惜的是清理大水沟的简单问题仍然无法处理和解决,他们还可以为人民做些什么呢?

这些大小沟渠不仅又臭又脏,而且也不卫生,更是黑斑蚊虫滋生的温床。 此外碍眼和臭气熏天的水沟让前来观光的游客留下非常不好的印象。 沙巴有干净的环境似乎在自打嘴巴。 国阵政府在进行转型计划,然而此类的问题并没有转换的迹象。 国阵部长们都在睡觉,导致现在是要改变的时候,因此没有必要唤醒他们了,让大家一起来把不好的‘经理’换掉。

有关当局不要等到有严重的水渠堵塞,造成污水无法排走而溢出来,才来工作。 国阵政府的漠不关心,会导致人民必须常常自己动手去清理排水渠