Friday, 15 February 2013

KK Sembulan River Beautification Project unjustified //亚庇新布兰河美化计划不合理

亚庇市政厅和州政府展开亚庇新布兰河美化工程(第一期)已经耗费高达马币一千八百万纳税人的钱,在去年已竣工 。非常遗憾的是,该美化计划并没有带来任何好评,反而遭到居住在附近,或在该处上班的人士和店主们的投诉和严厉批评。 此外该处已成为非法移民的集聚和休闲的地方,尤其是在晚间。

The Kota Kinabalu Semulan River Beautification Project (Phase 1) undertaken by the DBKK and the Sabah Government utilizing huge amount of tax payers’ money up to RM18 millions was completed was completed last year. Very sadly, there is no impact at all, and it came under heavy criticism from the Kota Kinabalu folks especially those who stay and work in the crowded Sadang Jaya Commercial Centre. This had become the playground of the Illegal Immigrants living here, especially at night.

The smelly and dirty drains on the left and right of this so call riverside walk are filled with foul water giving out pungent smell, and it is very unhygienic. The RM18 million spent to upgrade the “Riverside Park” seem money not well spent, and it had resulted in the lost of many car parking spaces. It is a known case that the Sadong Jaya Commercial Centre had lost many businesses due to the difficulties in finding a car parking space.

To our surprises, now there is another Phase 2 Beautification Project allegedly being put up by the Government or DBKK to “further beautify” the Sembulan River side. This time is using another staggering amount of RM15 million for the work. A reliable source told the KKMP Hiew King Cheu that the work will commence soon and the award letter is well on the way to be issued.

The rational behind expanding such a big sum of money to do a project that doesn’t really benefit the population is highly questionable. Some people said it is because a nearby building is belonging to a high ranking powerful BN politician, and that is why the riverside must be made beautiful to match his building surroundings. This can be classified as an abuse of power for personal gain.

MP Hiew said the big amount of money should be used to make good all the KK City walkways, pavements, roads and drains. The broken drains and walkways are already causing people to fall over hurting themselves and breaking their bones. The cars are damaged and the tire rims being twisted or deformed, who is going to pay for these?

The bad management and misappropriation of the public fund had put DBKK to be the worst on the list of financial management. This is stated clearly in the Auditors’ General Report 2011. This riverside project is telling us exactly that. Therefore it is a must to listen first before execution, and do not follow what the politicians want. It is for the benefit of the people and for the politician by large.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu

Pic: Sembulan River view toward the sea


亚庇市政厅和州政府展开亚庇新布兰河美化工程(第一期)已经耗费高达马币一千八百万纳税人的钱,在去年已竣工 。非常遗憾的是,该美化计划并没有带来任何好评,反而遭到居住在附近,或在该处上班的人士和店主们的投诉和严厉批评。 此外该处已成为非法移民的集聚和休闲的地方,尤其是在晚间。

该处所谓的休闲走廊旁是一道又臭又脏的大沟渠,而且该大水沟里都是污水并发出刺鼻的臭味,也非常不卫生。 政府花费了马币马币一千八百万兴建“河畔休闲走廊”似乎是在浪费人民的金钱,最糟糕的是造成严重缺乏泊车位。 此外众所周知,因难找到泊车位,导致沙东再也商业中心生意下降。

现在政府与亚庇市政厅又再浪费人民的钱,他们将进行另一阶段的工程以美化新布兰河的另一端。 这一次将耗费马币一千五百万进行该项工程。 据可靠消息来源告知亚庇国会议员邱庆洲说,该工程将很快开始,而且合约文件已经拟好并准备发给承包商。

政府耗费如此大笔的钱以进行该项工程,并没有真正让人民受益,其背后的逻辑非常让人质疑。有人说,因为附近有栋建筑物是属于某位国阵政客,所以要进行美化该处的环境。 如果真的是如此,这做法无疑是滥用权力,谋取私利。

邱国会议员说,该笔钱应该被用来维修亚庇市里破烂的人行道,走廊,马路及排水沟。 该破裂的人行道和失去覆盖的水沟将危及他人的安全,导致跌倒而受伤。 此外因破烂的路面经常损坏汽车,导致轮胎钢圈扭曲等,这些损失由谁去支付?

亚庇市政厅的财务管理不当和不妥善的动用公款,导致在2011年总稽查师报告中被排行最差,而这‘河畔休闲走廊的工程计划’就是铁证。 他们必须在执行任何发展工程之前,先听取人们的意见,而不是盲目附议高官政客所要求。 政府是要造福于民,而人民的钱必要用得其所。