Thursday, 28 February 2013

Kota Kinabalu Wawasan Bus Terminal problems // 亚庇旺旺山巴士站的问题

民众抱怨说,由于亚庇市的城巴载运程次不定时,导致搭客诸多的不便。他们说,通常必须要等上很长的时间巴士才开车,此外巴士還载上太多的人,而造成非常拥挤。 邱国会议员向城巴业者询问有关问题,他被告知,每部巴士已设定在约1015分钟就必须出发,因此是不会让乘客等上半小时的。  邱氏建议巴士业者必须确保遵循时间表,而不是等到巴士满人才出发,還有挤满人的情况是不应该发生的,因為每部巴士是有人数限制,不可超载。 邱国会议员也发现到有些巴士里是挤满了乘客。

The people are not happy about the KK City Bus not having regular schedule and set time of setting off. They said there is usually very long hours of waiting before the buses are set off to go and the buses are too packed with too many people. After checking with the City Bus operators, the KK MP Hiew was told that there is a set time of around 10 to 15 minutes for each bus to move out, and it is not as half an hour waiting time. Anyhow, Hiew advice the operators to keep track and ensure that the buses follow the schedule and not to wait until the buses are full before it moves on. The jam packed situation should not arise because there is a limitation that the buses should not be overloaded. The MP also saw some buses are really too packed.
The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu received complaints from the bus commuters concerning the problems in the Kota Kinabalu Wawasan Bus Terminal during his visit here.

On the other issue received was the roads here are full of pot holes, and this gives rise to difficulty in driving the buses with low bases through the deep pot holes. It is very damaging to the body of the buses, and the drivers said that the authorities only know how to collect money but do not work here. It is so simple to fill up the deep potholes with stone, concrete, or even asphalt. They just can’t understand why until today there is still no repair work carried out. They hope the KK MP Hiew can bring up the matter to get those deep holes and road surface patched up.
Hiew said the DBKK should immediately look into this matter and get the situation sorted out. There is no excuse that they can’t do it, and in fact this is not a big job. The work involved is not much and it might be just a few days work only. If the road is not repaired, there will be pools of muddy water and with plenty of flying dust in dry weather. This will bring very bad impression to our tourists who are visiting us in the city. We should not allow them to see that our city is like a cowboy town and it is so backward. Therefore it is a must that this facility is to be made good and upgraded, to be beautified and at least it must be clean.
A bus commuter said he saw the bus terminals in the West Malaysia are so good and nice. The terminal building is air-conditioned and with plenty of sitting arrangement. The bus traveling schedules are well set and the timing is perfect. You can get to know what time exactly the particular bus is setting off, there is no waste of time and unnecessary long wait, and there is no “packed like Sadine” situation. The bus ride situation can be improved for everyone to enjoy their bus ride in the city. Many people would like to take the bus if it is properly done.
Hiew King Cheu, KK MP
Pic: Hiew inspecting the bad road surface in the KK Wawasan  Bus Terminal.

民众抱怨说,由于亚庇市的城巴载运程次不定时,导致搭客诸多的不便。他们说,通常必须要等上很长的时间巴士才开车,此外巴士還载上太多的人,而造成非常拥挤。 邱国会议员向城巴业者询问有关问题,他被告知,每部巴士已设定在约1015分钟就必须出发,因此是不会让乘客等上半小时的。  邱氏建议巴士业者必须确保遵循时间表,而不是等到巴士满人才出发,還有挤满人的情况是不应该发生的,因為每部巴士是有人数限制,不可超载。 邱国会议员也发现到有些巴士里是挤满了乘客。
其他的问题就是该处路面满是坑洞,这对车身较低的巴士造成行驶困难,他们必须小心避开较深的坑洞。 这也会损坏巴士的引擎,司机说,当局只知道收钱,他们一点也不关注该处所面对的问题。 邱氏指出,维修该处的路面是简单的工作,当局只要用點碎石和混凝土,或沥青就可以填补该些坑洞。他们不明白为何直到今天当局仍然没有展开维修的工作。他们希望邱国会议员可以向当局反映该问题,尽早把该处的坑洞路面修补好。
邱氏说,亚庇市政厅应立即前往视察该处的状况,并着手处理。 他们不能有任何借口,而且这并不是一項大工程,所涉及的工作并不多,可能在短短数天就可以完成。 如果没有把路面维修好,下雨天将会积水,而在干燥的天气时就会导致尘土飞扬。 这会让前來的游客有很不好的印象和认为亚庇市的基本设施很落后。 我们不能让他们看到亚庇市像是個牛仔镇 因此,政府必须要确保城市或市镇的基本设施被提升或美化,最起码至少必须是干净的。
有位巴士业者说,他曾经前往西马,发现那裡的巴士总站的设备很齐全。 巴士候客站還有空调和足够的坐位, 還有很规划和准时的时间表讓大家可以清楚知道何时巴士出发和抵达,不浪费乘客的时间,也没有漫长的等待,此外也没有像挤沙丁鱼的情况出现。 政府是可以提升亚庇市乘坐巴士的情况,以及提供齐全的基本设施。 如果政府可以做到这一点,将会吸引许多人愿意乘坐巴士,并缓解日益增加的汽车流量,减低交通堵塞问题。