Monday, 4 February 2013


The Sabah CM Musa Aman in the front page headline on the local paper 31st January 2013 said, “No reason to change government just because of slander”. The KK MP Hiew King Cheu said “who is he trying to fool, or is he thinking all the Sabahan are fools”. This is such a bad and gross statement by him, and it should not have come out from the mouth of a CM, and it is an insult to all the Sabahan. He can be slanderous but not others.

In the RCI proceedings, the former Prime Minister has admitted openly and so many current and former senior government officials have also admitted that ICs or Mykads had been given to numerous illegal immigrants and refugees in the past few decades. Are these lies or slender? Who is telling lies now, the opposition or the BN government? And who is telling the truth for the sake of Sabahan and the people in Malaysia?

There are allocations and budgets for state expenses and development by Parliament, but what happened to the money allocated and budgeted for? Is there any proper accounting and auditing on all the expenses? Why is only the “Line Item Budgeting System” instead of the “Performance Based Budgeting system” being used by the government? Why is the BN government reluctant to show to the Malaysian people the BN’s performance on how the people’s money allocated in the budget is being spent? So much is budgeted for BUT so little is actually achieved on the ground and so what happened to the people money. We want the government to tell and show us the truth.

The Malaysian people have to weigh and study on who actually had trapped, influenced, and confused the people and Malaysian are exposing the truth. The BN government had been given all the time to rule the country and yet so little had been achieved in Sabah. Even PBS had no choice but rejoined BN in the hope of “correcting BN from within” and yet nothing seems to be forthcoming at all after PBS joined BN. So, what should the people of Sabah do, the only solution for them is to change the bad government who don’t tell the truth, and the people said “Ini Kali Lah” (This is the Time).

In the 50 years of Sabah joining hands to form Malaysia, what have Sabahans got in return for the God given wealth of our motherland? What happened to our petroleum, timber, land, copper, gold, outputs and returns from our plantations, rice, Yayasan Sabah resources and income, and many other more? What happened to the price of our basic daily necessities? Why did the World Bank say that we are the poorest; when we were held as one of the richest state in the 70’s?

It took the BN government half a century (for Sabah and Sarawak) to finally decide to give the people BR1M twice just before the 13th General Elections. Is there a “Catch”? Is everybody entitled to it, fair and square, even among the poor? After BR1M last year, the prices of many basic necessities have gone up… what will happen after the second BR1M?

What happened to our Sabah youths? Where are they? If they are still around, many are just hanging around without a job. And many who have finished college or university are also hanging around looking for jobs. In fact, many Sabah youths are leaving the state for jobs in West Malaysia, Singapore or overseas.

Under the BN government, Sabah has been going on the downward direction. So, what direction is the CM Musa talking about that Sabahans should follow? The people of Sabah will have to make these brave decisions to change the bad managers of the country in order to see and witness the changes to improve our life and the life of our future generations.

Are we the poorest state in the country? In fact, the World Bank has confirmed in their report that we are among the poorest state in the country. Is the World Bank wrong or the CM Musa is wrong on saying that the opposition is telling lies? So, BN government should not continue to “hide behind the curtain”, and must be brave enough to examine themselves and admit the truth. The BN Transformation Program did not help, but for what we know is that BN had indirectly and quietly admitted their fault by implementing this program to cover things up, and is trying to put things right. Too late, the damages were done, and now the Malaysians are hurt.

PM Najib has opened up a “can of worms” with the RCI. With this, what is the BN government going to do or is this just another RCI like the many past RCIs which we saw action but without true results, it is just like NATO (No Action Talk Only).

Many Malaysians are suffering in agony and silence, because we have no chance to voice ourselves openly in the media. Luckily, we still can express ourselves through the internet; and even that the BN government is trying to interfere with us by using their “Cyber Troopers”. “Enough is enough”! It is time to accept the truth and to receive the coming changes in the best interest of the people of Malaysia.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP