Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DAP filed police report on Poison Flyers // 行动党就恶性传单报警



There are plenty of poison flyers being distributed all over Kota Kinabalu City. The poison flyers are aiming to damage the image of the DAP. The flyers were first seen in a DAP function in the Putra Theatre in Bukit Padang on the 1st of March and later found on the wind screen of the cars in the Foh Sang shops.

The Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie together with the DAP leaders John Lee Kim Seng, Andrew Lee Chee Kiong and Robert Rajah Jr. today brought copies of the flyers to lodge a police report and requesting the police department to conduct an investigation on who actually distributes the poison flyers which are damaging to the image and reputation of the DAP.

The flyers stated that the DAP Life advisor Dr. Chen Man Hin is the chairman of a company owning 80,000 acres of oil palm plantation in Sabah which worth RM3.50 billions. The unknown creator who claimed to be an ex-member of DAP stated in the flyers that the DAP is cheating the people, because DAP is so rich and yet still asking for public donations. Dr. Chen has made a very good reply to all this unjust, unfounded and baseless accusation. He said he is not rich by holding a mere 20,000 shares out of the 8 million shares under the plantation company namely Pontian Plantation Bhd where he is the chairman since its forming 40 over years ago with 200 over shareholders. Now the company had worked very hard and now owns 40,000 acres of land in Johore, Sabah, and other parts of Sabah, but still Dr. Chen Man Hin still drive a 40years old Toyota car.

Edwards said the DAP leaders in filing the police report is to seek for the person or group of people who have arranged for the distribution of the poison flyers. It is an offense for anyone to distribute any form of written and photo material to damage others. In view of the content and the matter is really serious, Edward hopes that the police will take immediate action to trace and seek out the culprit and put him behind bars. He said this is a very dirty trick which we cannot tolerate, especially when election is drawing near. These people have already mobilized to throw out what they have in order to damage the DAP, but we are going to work harder to bring to the Sabahan a brighter future and away from this type of sickening culture of “damaging others to benefit oneself”. The voters should ditch this type of people/politician because once they are being elected will only mean trouble for the people in Sabah and Malaysia. We want clean and straight elected representatives to manage Sabah especially, and to bring new hopes for the Sabahan.

Edward Ewol Mujie,
Sabah DAP Vice Chairman

Pic: The DAP leaders after filing the police report.




该传单针对行动党全国永久顾问曾敏兴医生,说他在沙巴州拥有80,000英亩的油棕园,其价值是马币35亿,同时他也是该公司的主席。 散发传单的无名氏自称自己是前党员,并说行动党欺骗人民,此外还指控说行动党很富有却仍然要求公众捐款。 曾医生已在报章上解答,并指出这一切都是毫无根据的指控和有意破坏他的名声。 他说,他并不富裕,而他在Pontian Plantation Bhd种植公司的800万股中仅拥有两万股而已。 曾氏是在40年前公司成立时被选为主席至今,而该公司拥有200多位的股东。该公司很努力的工作,促使他们到今天拥有40000英亩的土地,包括在柔佛州和沙巴州。 而曾医生自己到今天然开着一部40年老的小型丰田车。

爱德华说,行动党领袖要求警方寻找散发恶性传单的人或团体。无论是谁若以任何方式如透过文墨纸张和照片损坏他人名誉是项罪行。爱德华指出该传单的内容和无中生有的指控是很严重的毁谤, 他希望警方会立即采取行动追查和寻找幕后黑手。 他说,我们不能容忍如此的手段,尤其是在大选即将到来,而且这是非常肮脏的把戏。 这些人已经开始行动要破坏行动党的名誉,但我们会更加努力地工作,为沙巴带来更美好的未来,这类型令人反感并且具有“损人利己”的文化应该被阻止和遗弃。 选民不要选择和接受这类型的人士/政党位代议士,因为一旦他们当选将意味着沙巴和马来西亚人都会没有好日子过。 我们要廉洁公平的选出心目中的代议士来管理沙巴州,并为沙民带来新的希望。