Monday, 4 March 2013

FB Video clip showing killing is not LD incident // 面子书上载的凶杀视频片段并不是拿笃事件


The hotly shared Face Book Video clip showing some fighting and killing scene is not the incident happened in Lahad Datu on the 1st of March 2013.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu watched the video short film and checked the origin and found this was uploaded as early as 17th February, 2012. Therefore, the content is by no way related to the incident in Lahad Datu. The people should not be worried by the video. The video shown many angles of the dead people and some brutal acts were recorded.

After consulting with some Sulu workers in the coffee shop, they confirmed the language used in the clip is definitely Sulu. According to them after watching the clip, it seem like there were fighting amount themselves over certain matter. Furthermore, their uniforms confirmed they were Sulu. The location should be in the Philippines and not in Lahad Datu because there are no oil palm trees being seen in the clip.

MP Hiew said this could be a video taken during the internal fight in the South Philippines. The people in Sabah and Malaysia should not be bordered by the short video clip, and should not spread rumors as such, and we should just let the police do their job. All speculation on the incident should stop. Hiew said the government should immediately release more details on the issue and its development. This is worrying many people especially those in the East Coast like Lahd Datu, Semporna, Kunak, Sandakan, and Tawau. Their daily life, businesses, schooling, and activities had been interrupted. They do not know when this can come back to normal. The impact of the incident is immense and the losses are very high.

There were reports received by the KK MP Office that the fishermen, plantation and construction workers had to suspend their usual work schedule to wait until the matter is finally resolved and cleared for them to return to their work place. Until today there was still no indication as when they can move back. Numerous people in the area already are being affected seriously during the 17 days stand-off.

MP Hiew wishes the authorities and our security forces would put in more effort to further stabilize the situation in Lahad Datu. He also expressed his deepest sympathy the families of the two police officers who were killed in the incident, and he hope that the injured officers will recover quickly.

Pic : FB video clip

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.



亚庇国会议员邱庆洲观看了该视频片段,并追查该短片的来源,发现该短片是在2012217日上载的。 因此短片的内容是与拿笃的事件没有任何关系。虽然该短片的录像显示以不同的角度摄影尸体,甚至还有些残暴的动作,但是人民不需要担心,因为这与拿笃的事件无关。

邱氏向茶店工作的苏禄工人询问后,他们证实该视频短片里所使用的语言绝对是苏禄语。此外该短片看起来好像该批人马因内部的纷争而导致彼此攻击。 此外他们所穿的制服也证实他们是苏禄人。 还有一点就是该短片的地点应该是在菲律宾,而不是在拿笃,因为里面并没有看到油棕树。

邱氏说,这可能是菲律宾南部之前的武装分子内部发生互相攻击的视频短片。沙巴和马来西亚人不应该被该短片而吓着,更不应散布还未被证实的消息,我们应该让警察做他们的工。 因此所有不确实的短片需要停止发送。 邱氏说,政府应立即向人民交待有关拿笃的事件详情以及其最新发展。 因为模糊不清的报道只让人民担忧和有诸多猜测,特别是在东海岸的拿笃,仙本那,古纳,山打根和斗湖的人民。 因为他们的日常生活,生意,学校和其他活动被中断,而他们也不知道何时才能恢复正常。 拿笃事件对人民已造成巨大的影响和损失。

亚庇国会议员办事处接到许多消息指出该处的的渔民,园主和建筑商不得不暂停平时的工作,他们被迫等待直到该问题获得解决,才能返回他们的工作岗位。 直到今天他们仍然没看到有任何迹象何时他们才可以返回,他们在这17天的事件中已经受到严重的影响。