Tuesday, 19 March 2013

KK City security in question // 亚庇市安全问题

盗窃,抢劫和爆窃的情况在亚庇市已经达到很严重的地步。使到公众人士非常担忧,人们都生活在恐惧中,昼夜担心安全的问题。事实上在很多事发的情况下,受害者并没有向警方报案,居于个人理由和想法或其他原因。 许多人都说报警有何用,通常都是没有任何结果的。 这显示出公众对警方的调查及办事能力已失去信心。 因此有许多案件迄今仍然没有获得解决。

The general public is worried over the many cases of theft, robbery, and house break-in in the Kota Kinabalu City recently. The people are living in fear and worry sick about the security day and nights. In fact many of the cases were not reported to the police and solely for the reason that even thought there is a report made but usually there is no result in catching them. This is serious because the public is losing confident in the performance of the police force. Many cases were still not solved until today.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu received a Mr. Lee (name not to be mentioned) who filed a case with him about a snatch thief who snatched away an item of his expensive Chinese medicine right under the eyes of many people. This happened in a Lido eatery and it had happened so fast that Lee instantly stood up and gave a chase after the two snatch thieves who ran off with a Kancil. He was lucky because there was a traffic jam on the main road, and the two snatch thieves did not go very far. They were arrested by the traffic police who had just arrived at the scene, and brought back to the police station for detention and questioning.

Mr. Lee said he felt really shocked that even in a public place like an eatery a crime can happen just like that. What went wrong with our society and security? The people are no longer safe and our safety is being compromised. If these thieves can robbed me in broad daylight, what else can we expect in dark nights? We are living in our self-made prison now and behind bars. He urges the police can assist him to speed up the investigation on this case and punish the snatchers. He said he also heard that this type of case would take a long time to bring the people to stand trail and to be punished. Now the snatch thieves are out from the police detention on bail.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu said there should be more policemen patrolling the streets everyday and especially at night. He said now we see lesser policemen walking the streets especially in strategic zones. The police department always gives the excuse of not enough manpower, and this doesn’t help to solve the matter. They should at least try to station some policemen in the crowded area and even in the housing estate. This will help to deter and frighten off the bad people from committing crimes.

On the other hand, the MP hopes that the efficiency of the police investigation to fight crimes can be improved, so that those who had committed an offense and crime can be brought to justice soonest possible. This is especially so in a city like Kota Kinabalu, we really need a strong team of police officers to maintain our safety.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Mr. Lee reporting his case to the KK MP.


盗窃,抢劫和爆窃的情况在亚庇市已经达到很严重的地步。使到公众人士非常担忧,人们都生活在恐惧中,昼夜担心安全的问题。事实上在很多事发的情况下,受害者并没有向警方报案,居于个人理由和想法或其他原因。 许多人都说报警有何用,通常都是没有任何结果的。 这显示出公众对警方的调查及办事能力已失去信心。 因此有许多案件迄今仍然没有获得解决。


李氏说,他感到非常震惊,他说即竟然在茶餐室的公共场所也会发生这类的犯罪事件。 为何我们的社会安全会达到如此坏的境界? 人民已不再觉得安全。 如果这些盗贼能在光天化日之下造案,那么在漆黑的夜晚又怎么办? 现在我们已生活在‘自制的监狱’。 他敦促警方尽早协助他调查和惩罚该两名抢夺犯。 他也听说过,这类型的案件通常需要很长的时间才能解决,把犯罪的人惩罚。 现在该两名抢夺犯已被人从警方拘留中保释出外。

邱庆洲说,应该有更多的警察每天在街上巡逻,尤其是在夜间。他说,现在我们很少警察在大街上巡逻,尤其是在重要的区域。警察部门一向的藉口是说人手不足,而且无法协助解决问题。 其实他们至少应该尝试安排警察在拥挤的区域中,甚至于在住宅区,这将有助于阻吓坏人作案。