Friday, 1 March 2013

Kota Belud Hospital very short of car parks // 哥打毛律医院缺乏停车场

哥打毛律医院现有的停车场用于建造新的门诊部,急救室和其他设施,加剧了该医院缺乏泊车位的问题。 医院的访客被迫在外寻找泊车位。车主和病患者无法将车停在近距离,而需要步行到医院。 他们有些甚至冒着被交警抄牌的风险,把车停泊在路边和人行道上。


The car parking problem is aggravated by the taken up of its existing car parking lots to make way for the construction of new out-patient, emergency unit and other hospital facilities. The construction work has forced the hospital visitors to seek parking space outside the hospital. The car owners and the patients have to park far away and walk to the hospital, and some have to park on the road side and even on the pavements.

The situation is messy and there are frequent traffic jams in the hospital area, and some time sick patients are forced to well long distance to get in. This is terrible and there are many complaints and grouses.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu was brought by a MR. Chong from Kota Belud to inspect the parking place and see the traffic situation jam in the hospital. The people in the hospital also complained to Hiew and had asked him to help to get the problem resolved. They also said they don’t understand that why the local elected MP or SA never border to come to assist and solve the problem. This reflects fully their slake attitude in the matter and a total ignorance on the suffering of the people. They also thank MP Hiew who comes frequently to check on the various problems of the people in Kota Belud, and said that this is the type of people’s representative they want in the future.

MP Hiew said that there is plenty of state land available next the KB Hospital, and why this empty land is not converted to build new parking lots for the people first. The authority should construct new parking area before demolishing the existing parking lots. This is surely bad planning and did not take the people’s needs into consideration. There are so many cars coming to the hospital, which includes the car of doctor, nurses, hospital workers, visitors, and patients. Where are they going to park their cars in such a small and cramp area?

Kota Belud Hospital is indeed needed much attention on its staffing problems and its facilities shortages. This hospital is important and the Ministry of Health should pay more emphasis in it, and how many times the Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai and the Director of Health had visited this hospital in the past years?

We can not let the KB people to continue to suffer any more, we need some one who can help them, and to give them the best health care and enough parking spaces to park their cars. The BN government can not deliver and it is time to allow Pakatan Rakyat to help you.

Ini Kali Lah!

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Arrow shows car park being used to construct new building


哥打毛律医院现有的停车场用于建造新的门诊部,急救室和其他设施,加剧了该医院缺乏泊车位的问题。 医院的访客被迫在外寻找泊车位。车主和病患者无法将车停在近距离,而需要步行到医院。 他们有些甚至冒着被交警抄牌的风险,把车停泊在路边和人行道上。


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲被一位庄先生带往哥打毛律医院视察该泊车情况,他看到医院的交通确实非常拥挤。 医院里的人也抱怨该情况,并希望邱氏能帮助解决问题。他们还表示,他们不明白为何当地的国州议员从来没有前来视察该处问题,并帮助解决。这充分反映他们的懒散态度,和不了解的人民的痛苦。 此外该处的人感谢邱国会议员经常前来视察哥打毛律的问题,他们说这才是人民期望的代议士,他们希望在将来哥打毛律能够选出一位为民的勤劳代议士。

邱氏说,在医院附近是有大片政府土地可以用来建医院的停车场,为何这空旷的土地没有被改建为新的停车场。 当局应该首先兴建新的停车场,然后才拆除现有的停车场以扩建医院。 这是项糟糕的策划,当局并没有考虑到人民的需求。这么多车要停在医院,其中包括医生,护士,工作人员,访客和病人的车辆,现在他们要把车泊去哪里?

哥打毛律医院确实是需要获得重视,尤其是人手的问题和其设施的短缺。 这所医院是很重要的,因此卫生部必须要给与关注。 在过去的几年中,到底联邦卫生部长廖中莱和沙巴卫生局总监有来视察过几次?

我们不能让哥打毛律的人继续遭受更多的痛苦,我们需要一些可以帮助他们的人,并为他们提供最好的医疗服务,和有足够的停车位。 看来国阵政府是不能提供,现在是时候让民联来帮助你。