Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Voter names disappeared in electoral // 选民册的选民名字不见了

有许多选民上网查看他们的投票地点,然而发现他们的名字从选民册中完全消失。 其实他们在过去的大选里已经履行过他们的选民权力和参与投票。

这些人前往亚庇国会议员办事处提出有关投诉,希望有关当局认真去处理该项问题。他们说,此类的事情是非常荒谬,并且也显示出选举委员会的工作效率低,以及其服务态度差,也有可能他们的名字是故意被删除掉。 选举委员会必须要向选民解释和交待。

Many voters had checked and found their names being removed from the electoral or disappeared totally. This had happened after they had exercised their voting rights many times during the past elections in the same constituency.

These people filed their complaints to the KK MP Office and they wanted the matter to be brought up and taken seriously. They said this matter is highly ridiculous and this also reflects the poor inefficiency and slake attitude of the Election Commission (SPR), or may be their names had been removed or deleted for a purpose. Only SPR can explain on why this had happened.

One lady who found her name went missing, and on reporting her case, SPR explained to her that it was due to their computer error or glitches. She said this type of explanation is totally unacceptable, she said what if the computer of SPR "went crazy" that means many names will either disappear or being "accidentally" deleted.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu had personally helped many voters to check their voting places, he had noticed that in many cases showed "record not found". The voters are angry when their names went missing. It is not reasonable why their name can disappear. Hiew said the SPR computer should not have problems like this, and it should not be blamed and as an excuse for what is happening. Many voters who cannot find their names in the electoral will miss their chance to exercise their rights to vote. This is not fair to them because they are genuine voters and had voted so many times. What had actually happened?

MP Hiew urges every eligible voter who found their names missing should immediately check with SPR to have their names reinstated. Every voter should check their names on the electoral and where are their polling stations. The last quarter of the electoral list for 2012 has finally being released by SPR for public checking and review, it is the best time to check, to make objection and to oppose on someone who is not from the constituency, and especially the dubious person who wants to register as voters. As for the deceased person, we should immediately inform SPR to have the name removed. This can be done by going to the offices and service centers of the various political parties and to the SPR offices. It will be faster and easier to check through the web site of the SPR, daftarj2.spr.gov.my.

Every vote counts and it is the responsibility of everyone to elect the right person to represent us.

Hiew King Cheu


有许多选民上网查看他们的投票地点,然而发现他们的名字从选民册中完全消失。 其实他们在过去的大选里已经履行过他们的选民权力和参与投票。

这些人前往亚庇国会议员办事处提出有关投诉,希望有关当局认真去处理该项问题。他们说,此类的事情是非常荒谬,并且也显示出选举委员会的工作效率低,以及其服务态度差,也有可能他们的名字是故意被删除掉。 选举委员会必须要向选民解释和交待。

一位李女士发现她的名字没有在选民册里,并立即向当局询问,选举委员会向她解释说,那是由于他们的电脑出差错或故障而导致成的。 她说当局的解释是完全不能接受的,她说如果选委会所有的电脑突然发生“问题”或‘当机’,那意味着将会有许多选民的名字会不见了,或者会“不小心”被删除。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲亲自上网协助选民查看他们的投票地点,他发现选委会官方网站,有些就会显示出“没有记录”。 选民们很生气当他们发现他们名字不见了,这是非常不合理,为何他们的名字会消失掉。 邱氏说,选举委员会的电脑所记载的资料更不应该容易发生故障,其电脑也不应该出现问题,他们不应以这为藉口。 许多选民找不到他们的名字,将会在下一届大选错过机会履行他们的投票权。 这对他们极不公平,因为他们是真正的选民,并且已投票过很多次。 到底发生了什么事?为何选民的名字会不见呢?

邱国会议员促请所有合格的选民如果发现自己的名字不见了,应立即向选举委员会询问和调查,并要求重新记录在名册中。 每个选民都要检查他们的名字和其投票站。2012年第四季的选举名单终于完成,大家都可以向选委会查看是否您的名字有被记录在名册里,现在是时间去检查,或质疑有问题的名单,特别是那些登记为选民的可疑人士。 至于已经去世的人,应立即通知选举委员会除名。大家可以到各政党的服务中心和选委会办事处,或者大家可以网上调查,其官方网站是 daftarj2.spr.gov.my