Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why 1 Borneo – Kibagu road has not been sealed 吉巴谷路(Kibagu) // 还没铺上沥青

沙巴民主行动党副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉说,他接到许多来自吉巴谷附近甘榜村民的投诉,他们很不满为何1-Borneo商场后面的6公里吉巴谷路到目前为止仍然还没有铺上沥青,虽然加拉布奈女州议员拿督再娜于201111月已宣布说,该段马路已获得马币两千万的拨款以进行提升和沥青的工作,该工程是于2012年初开工,并预计于2012年底竣工。 但爱德华说,他最近前往访问该处并发现,该段马路仍然处在糟糕的状况,路面到处都是大坑洞。

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman cum the Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief Edward Ewol Mujie said he received complaints from the villagers who are living in various kampongs here that the six kilometers road from1 Borneo – Kibagu behind 1 Borneo hypermall has not been sealed yet until now although the Karambunai Assemblywoman Datuk Jainab Ahmad has announced in November 2011 that the road will be upgraded and sealed for RM20 million and the work will began in early 2012 and expected to be completed end of 2012, but Edward said during his recent visit to the area, he noticed that the road is in a very bad shape with plenty of potholes.

Edward said there are many villages here with a big population of more than 5,000 people. The villagers are suffering from the constant difficulties of getting in and out especially during rainy days when the whole stretch of road become very muddy and slippery. The mini bus operators are the one who have complained the most as their vehicles has broken many times and maintenance are very high.

Edward said it is very interesting to know what happened to the contract for the upgrading and sealing to this road, and when will be the final date of completion. This is a very typical BN style of executing a contract, "slow and until nothing happen"!

Edward said he does see any reason why the road has not been upgraded as promised as this area is densely populated and the villagers complaints that besides their vehicles always broken down, during the dry season they are suffering from the dust and has to keep the windows of their houses closed all the times and had one way or another affected their health, and during the rainy season all the potholes will be filled with water, muddy and become dangerous to drive especially at night.

Edward urges the relevant government department to act immediately to upgrade the road as promised to comply to it slogan “JANJI DITEPATI” as the 13th General Election is around the corner.

Pic: Edward inspect Jalan Yayasan – Kibagu

Edward Ewol Mujie


沙巴民主行动党副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉说,他接到许多来自吉巴谷附近甘榜村民的投诉,他们很不满为何1-Borneo商场后面的6公里吉巴谷路到目前为止仍然还没有铺上沥青,虽然加拉布奈女州议员拿督再娜于201111月已宣布说,该段马路已获得马币两千万的拨款以进行提升和沥青的工作,该工程是于2012年初开工,并预计于2012年底竣工。 但爱德华说,他最近前往访问该处并发现,该段马路仍然处在糟糕的状况,路面到处都是大坑洞。

爱德华说,该段马路的附近有多个村庄,并且大约有5000多人口。 村民们投诉说,破烂的马路让他们面对困境,特别是在下雨天,整条马路满是泥泞,非常滑和危险。 迷你巴士的司机都抱怨说,由于马路情况很糟糕,导致他们的巴士经常受损,他们还要支付昂贵的修理费。

爱德华说,大家都很想知道政府批出给承包商进行提升和沥青该段马路的合约到底发生了什么事,该提升工程何时才能竣工。 这就是非常典型的国阵批准合约的风格,“工作延迟,甚至最后什么都没有做到!”

爱德华说,他想知道为何政府迄今还没有完成所承诺要提升的马路工程,尤其是该区是人口密集地方。 村民们纷纷投诉说,因糟糕的马路使到他们的车辆受损,而在干燥季节,马路的灰尘飞扬,导致他们必须经常紧闭房屋窗口,已影响他们的健康,尤其是有哮喘病或鼻子敏感的人,而在雨季时,路面的大坑洞都积了水和泥泞,导致行驶困难,尤其是在夜间开车时,会造成危险。