Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ceramah Ini Kali Lah // 就是现在”演说会


The Sabah DAP kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office is organizing a gathering with the KK people in the Foh Sang shops in Luyang on the 29th March, 2013 (Friday) starting from 7.00 pm.

The title of the event is “Ceramah Ini Kali Lah”, and the program includes speeches, video play, and singing by members. The speakers are from the DAP Sabah local leaders, the KK MP Hiew King Cheu, PKR KK Chief Christina Liew, PKR Karambunai Hj Karim Aching, and YB Alan Ling Sie Kiong a special guest from Miri, Sarawak.

This “Ceramah Ini Kali Lah” will be held in other allocations in Putatan, Penampang, Inanam, Karambunai, Sepangar and through out Kota Kinabalu. We hope to do this regularly so that the message of change can be brought to the voters. The mobile ceramah team has been formed and they will be in charge on the regular rounds.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu expressed his concern that the people need to receive as soon as possible the message on why there is an urgency to bring in a change of a new government. He said although many people have shown their intention for change, but to make sure this grand move is achieved without miss, he and his team will have to work double hard. He also urges the Pakatan Rakyat supporters to join in to contribute their effort to ensure that the target is finally reached, and that is a new Sabah Government and a new Malaysian Federal Government under Pakatan Rakyat.

He also wants the people to concentrate their votes on Pakatan Rakyat and not to split their votes. This is the only way we can ensure a good win without fail. There are plenty of tricks used by the BN that every one knew, therefore to counter these we have to work extra hard and with utmost care during election time. It is clear that the national political parties DAP, PKR and PAS is the choice, and be careful the local parties who always want to frame the national parties under PR as Semananjong (West Malaysia) parties. This is understandable, because this is the only way they can intimidate or damage PR. It is very illogical and hard to understand why they wanted to work with PR in the first place, and now couldn’t get their way, and they began opening fire on PR by making various accusation, comments, and even scolded PR on unfounded grounds. We felt sorry for them, and will they be a good government if they can win? They had been in the government for a long time under BN, and what did they do, and change anything for the Sabahan, and why no Sabah autonomy during that time?

KK MP Hiew King Cheu



该项“就是现在”演说会(Ceramah Ini Kali Lah),节目包括演说,播放短片和唱歌节目。 演说者有沙巴行动党领袖连同亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,公正党亚庇支部主席刘静芝和加拉布奈支部哈芝卡林阿庆,和来自砂捞越美里的林思健州议员。

就是现在”演说会将在必打丹,兵南邦,下南南,加拉布奈,实邦加和亚庇选区进行。 我们希望透过演说会,让选民清楚看到是时候要改变了, 而且‘就是现在’。 行动党已经成立了流动演说会的团队,他们将会负责走访各处进行演说会。

邱庆洲表示,他希望透过此举让选民明白为何迫切需要新政府,如果能改变将会带来各方面的发展,以及我们的将来。有很多人都表达他们要‘改变’的意念, 因此我们必须要确保不会落空。 民联将会更加努力的工作来达至该目标。 此外他也促请所有民联的支持者一起同心携手,向每个人传递“必须要改变”的信息,那就是由民联执政沙巴州和联邦。

他也希望选民能集中投选民联,而不要分散选票。 因为只有这样才可以确定民联的胜望。 大家都知道国阵在每一次的大选都会使出各种招数来取胜,因此要应付这类问题,我们必须更加倍努力。 全国性的政党如民主行动党,公正党和回教党是最佳的选择。 另外要小心的是本土政党,他们总是是把民联的全国性政党指为西马党,他们是用这方法来误导和破坏民联。 他们起初想要和民联合作取得席位,但因无法达到他们的要求,就开始对民联作出各种的指责,诬赖,甚至毫无根据的泼骂民联。 万一他们赢得足够席位,是否会成立一个好的政府呢? 他们曾经在国阵旗下有一段很长的时期,也担任高官职位,但是他们在维护沙巴有做了些什么呢? 为何在做政府的那段时间,没有要求沙巴自主权呢?