Wednesday, 3 April 2013

PEKAN NABALU urgent repairs needed // Pekan Nabalu迫切需要关注

沙巴州旅游业是促进沙巴州经济的收入来源之一。 政府除了促进旅游业之外,还需要在基本设施方面进行提升和维修。 有许多人向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲特别助理李志强投诉,有关Pekan Nabalu设施的糟糕情况。 这是在从亚庇前往兰瑙的半途中的一个小集市,经常有许多游客停车在购买农场品和手工艺品。 李氏接到游客的投诉后,就陪同邱国会议员前该处进行视察。 Pekan Nabalu是由斗亚兰县议会所管辖。 他们非常遗憾的看到该旅游景点没有受到当局的照顾和保养,导致该环境非常破烂。 斗亚兰县议会必须要给于该处更多的关注。

The tourism industry is fast growing in Sabah and it is one of the largest contributor to Sabah economy. But there are more to be done besides promotions. There were a couple of complaints which was channeled to Andrew Lee Chee Kiong the Special Assistant to KK MP Hiew King Cheu in regards to the current condition in Nabalu Town on the way to Ranau from KK or best known as “Pekan Nabalu”. Upon receiving these complaints from tourist from West Malaysia, a site inspection had been carried out at Pekan Nabalu by both MP Hiew & Andrew Lee recently during their visit to the area. We were made to understand that Pekan Nabalu is under the jurisdiction of Tuaran Council. We were very sadden and disappointed with the condition of the tourism town. The District Officer of Tuaran needs to pay more attention to this situation here.

Many potholes were sported along the way at the Tamu Ground. Many complaints were channeled to the council, unfortunately it landed on deaf and ignorant by council officers. Besides pot holes, stagnant drains were sported, wooden platform to view the mountains had been declared unsafe and damage drain cover metal grills have been left missing. Many of concrete slabs were found to be damaged due to bad workmanship by contractors. The Tuaran district council needs to carry out immediate repair on the damage structures and a site inspection needs to be done as soon as possible to rectify the problems and get things in proper order. The state tourism department and the various ministries are urge to be more proactive and to carry out their very own site inspection to upgrade this tourist attraction spot.

As for the “TAMU” which is held there once a week, the Tuaran Council must have a proper planning in arranging the business/stall for the operators. Andrew suggests that the stall rental should not be imposed at all as some operators are senior citizens and are from nearby villages in need of some money to carry on with their life. With free rental, it will encourage more poor Kampong Folks to harvest more produce and generate small income. Andrew also urges the Tuaran Council to have proper parking lots for cars and tourist buses. More parking bays and drop off points are needed to be created.

Pic : Tamu ground needed maintenance

Andrew Lee

Pekan Nabalu迫切需要关注

沙巴州旅游业是促进沙巴州经济的收入来源之一。 政府除了促进旅游业之外,还需要在基本设施方面进行提升和维修。 有许多人向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲特别助理李志强投诉,有关Pekan Nabalu设施的糟糕情况。 这是在从亚庇前往兰瑙的半途中的一个小集市,经常有许多游客停车在购买农场品和手工艺品。 李氏接到游客的投诉后,就陪同邱国会议员前该处进行视察。 Pekan Nabalu是由斗亚兰县议会所管辖。 他们非常遗憾的看到该旅游景点没有受到当局的照顾和保养,导致该环境非常破烂。 斗亚兰县议会必须要给于该处更多的关注。

他们看到该处斗磨场的地面到处都是坑洼。虽然该处的人多次向有关当局投诉要求处理,不幸的是地方县议会的县官似乎装聋扮哑没有回应。 除了地面满是坑洼,还有堵塞的水渠,观赏神山的木制瞭望台也严重损坏和破烂不堪,围栅已完全脱落,非常不安全也无法使用。 此外由于承包商的恶劣手工许多行人道的洋灰板已破裂。 斗亚兰县议会必须立即采取行动维修该处损坏的建设,他们必须安排进行视察并尽快纠该处的问题。 李氏敦促国家旅游局和其他部门要更加积极和主动前往现场检查,以提升该处旅游景点,如果他们要促进和发展沙巴旅游业。

至于该处每周一次进行的“斗磨”,斗亚兰县议会必须给于适当的规划和档位安排来协助小贩们。李氏认为当局不应向他们征收租金,因为该些小贩都是来自附近村庄,他们需要赚取一些钱来养活他们的家庭。 如果当局给于免费,这将鼓励更多的贫困村民有机会售卖他们的产品,让他们可以赚取一点收入。李氏敦促斗亚兰县议会建设适当的停车场让旅游巴士停泊,此外还要建设更多的泊车位。