Friday, 3 May 2013

Ceramah Perdana Ini Kali Lah // ‘就是现在’露天演说会

民联候选人将于五月一日(星期三)在路阳和生园大停车场举办一场‘就是现在’的露天演说会。 而第二场的露天演说会是于53(星期五)在达迈民众会堂旁的停车场举办。 该两场演说会都是晚上730分开始至晚上11点。

Pakatan Rakyat will hold its open air Grand Ceramah in the Foh Sang Car Park on the 1st of May, 2013, Wednesday. The second will be in the Dewan Serbaguna Damai open air car park (near QE2) on the 3rd of May, Friday. The events will start from 7.30pm to 11pm.

The N16. Luyang State assembly candidate Hiew King Cheu said the ceramah will feature all the PR candidates contesting in and around Kota Kinabalu. This is a golden chance to listen to your candidate in your area, and to understand what they have to say and planned. It is important to come to the ceramah, so that important messages can be heard and see for yourself how PR can offer when PR has taken over the Federal and state government. PR has plenty to offer to build a better Malaysia and especially in Sabah, but first we have to start with the election to elect the suitable person with the right platform. DAP, PKR and PAS are the one you can trust and depend on. We have proven record of clean and straight governance and performance in the four Semanjong states. This is the time that Sabahan must change for betterment. BN did not perform well and all promises were not fulfilled and delivered. The economy in Sabah is down and poverty rate shoots up.

This 13th election will bring a huge tsunami to change the political outlook in Malaysia, and this is especially in the cleaning up of the corrupt practices, abuse of power and bad administration of the BN. The bad doings of the BN had caused much anger and dismay amount the people in Sabah and many people had migrated to other oversea countries because of these. Why should they stay back to bear and endure with the suffering and sickening sight of what the BN had installed.

The ceramah has incorporated with special programs beside speeches like singing, and there will be the famous Gangnam Style-PSY dance performance by a group of young supporters. Although the KK folks are not well verse and had not try the open air type of ceramah, but this is a golden chance for all to come to experience the open air ceramah like many other places in Sawarak and Semananjong. Their ceramahs are usually filled with packed crowd of up to 30,000 people to listen to speeches until mid night. Lets come out in full force to support the PR candidate and give them more encouragement to do better. A lady told Hiew that the candidate has to work hard, but more important that the voters (boss) should work harder to assist the candidate to achieve the goal of putting someone clean and straight plus hard working to replace the BN. Therefore. They are all campaigning voluntarily to help out the PR candidate.

So don’t forget to come to the ceramah and please tell your friends and bring them to come along.

Hiew King Cheu,
Calon N16. Luyang     


民联候选人将于五月一日(星期三)在路阳和生园大停车场举办一场‘就是现在’的露天演说会。 而第二场的露天演说会是于53(星期五)在达迈民众会堂旁的停车场举办。 该两场演说会都是晚上730分开始至晚上11点。

N16路阳候选人邱庆洲说,所有亚庇区的民联候选人将会发表演说。 这是一个千载难逢的机会来聆听候选人政见,并进一步了解他们的理念和计划。重要的是大家都来出席演说会,因为民联有很多重要资讯要告诉大家,加上民联将来的计划,如果民联执政联邦及州政府。 民联将会为人民打造和建立一个更好的马来西亚,特别是沙巴州。 首先大家必须要以选票来选出合适的人选来接管州和联邦政府。 民主行动党,公正党和回教党是可以信赖的政党。 由民联执政的州属已证明我们是廉洁,公正和有高效率的工作成绩。 沙巴州是时候要改变,因为国阵没有做好他们的工作,也没有履行所作出的承诺,并辜负人民的托付,导致沙巴州的经济不景,贫困和失业率增加。

13届大选将会带来巨大的政治海啸改变马来西亚的政治前景,特别是要清除国阵的贪污,滥权和低效率的工作态度。 国阵的无能已经引起了沙巴人民极度不满,愤怒和沮丧。 许多人都因此移民国外,因为他们不愿留在马来西亚继续承受痛苦和面对国阵不公平的对待。

民联在路阳举办的演说会,除了演讲,同时也有特别节目例如唱歌,以及一群年轻支持者会呈现著名的江南风格PSY舞蹈表演。 亚庇人也许没尝试过露天型的演说会,而这次是千载难逢的机会让大家体验露天演说会。 民联在砂捞越和西马举办的露天演说会都很成功和挤满了人群,有时甚至高达30,000人聆听民联领袖的发言直到深夜。 邱氏呼吁所有选民全力支持民联候选人,并给予他们更多的鼓励。 有位女士告诉路阳候选人邱庆洲说, 民联候选人必须要努力工作,但更重要的是选民(老板)更应该自动自发的努力协助候选人,让大家的目标能够达到。 她希望透过选投廉洁和勤奋工作的民联候选人来取代国阵腐败和懒散的人。