Friday, 17 May 2013

Glamorous Grandma Contest is on / / 魅力祖母大赛

路阳州议员办事处将于五月二十九日举办一场“魅力祖母大赛”,并在同一时间庆祝的丰收节(Pesta Kemaatan)。

路阳州议员邱庆洲的特别助理兼筹委会主席李志强说,该项活动吸引了众多的支持,尤其是亚庇区。 其实该项活动在之前就已计划着,但由于大选而被延迟。 该活动是在布吉巴登公园皇子大剧院宴会厅举行,共有100桌,时间是6点半开始。 此外该活动也在为沙巴爱滋病援助协会(KASIH)筹款。 ‘魅力祖母大赛’的门票已经在销售中,请大家尽早购买。

The Luyang Assemblyman office will be organizing a “Glamorous Grandma Contest” on the 29th of May, 2013, and at the same time to celebrate the Harvest Festival (Pesta Kemaatan).

The organizing chairman Andrew Lee Chee Kiong who is also the special assistant to the Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu said this event has attracted numerous supports from the community here in Kota Kinabalu City. This event was planned previously, but due to the general election this was postponed. The 100-tables dinner function will be held in the Bukit Padang Putra Theatre Restaurant starting from 6.30pm. This is also for the purpose to raise some fund for the Sabah Aids Support Services Association (KASIH). The ticket sale is already in progress, and please come to purchase your tickets as early as possible.

The contest is opened only for Grand mothers with age above 48, and the application forms are available from the DAP DUN Luyang office in Foh Sang, Tel: 088254987, Andrew Lee 016812088 and Robert 0168482511. If there are enquiries, please call them. The contest will see three rounds of contests with the first round wearing KadazanDusun costume, second round wearing Evening Gown or the “Cheong Sum” and the third round of the contest will be the Question and Answer round. Besides that, there will be special prizes on the Most Photogenic and on the best Even Gown or ‘Cheong Sum’. Attractive prize money, trophies, sacks will be given to the winners and there will be consolation awards also for all contestants who have participated.

The audience will be the judges of the contest and every table will be given a score sheet for them to fill in. This is for purpose of a fair and true competition. During the function, there will be extra programs like fashion show, singing and many kiosk set up to promote cosmetic, health food supplements, fashions and other products. Andrew said he hopes this will turn out to be a very interesting function organized by the DUN Luyang office, and he wishes everyone can come and support the function and at the same time do charity.

Andrew Lee Chee Kiong,
Special Assistant to Luyang Assemblyman.

Atth: Banner of Grandma Contest


路阳州议员办事处将于五月二十九日举办一场“魅力祖母大赛”,并在同一时间庆祝的丰收节(Pesta Kemaatan)。

路阳州议员邱庆洲的特别助理兼筹委会主席李志强说,该项活动吸引了众多的支持,尤其是亚庇区。 其实该项活动在之前就已计划着,但由于大选而被延迟。 该活动是在布吉巴登公园皇子大剧院宴会厅举行,共有100桌,时间是6点半开始。 此外该活动也在为沙巴爱滋病援助协会(KASIH)筹款。 ‘魅力祖母大赛’的门票已经在销售中,请大家尽早购买。

这次大赛是公开给48岁以上的祖母极妇女参加,该申请表格可在和生园民主行动党路阳州议员办事处领取,联络电话是088-254987016-812088 Andrew016-8482511 Robert。如果有任何查询详情请拨电联络他们。 这次大赛将有三个回合,第一回合是以卡达山杜顺服装出场,第二回合则是晚装,而最后的回合是答问环节。 除此之外还有特别奖,即是最上镜奖及最佳晚奘和旗袍奖。得奖者将会获得奖金,奖杯和礼物,另外还有安慰奖给所有的参赛者。

这次的比赛不同之处,就是现场观众将是评判员,每一张桌将会有评分表,让观众自己决定心目中的人选,这将是一个公平的竞争。 当晚的节目除了比赛以外,还有其他的余兴节目,如时装秀,唱歌表演等。 另外还有摊位以介绍化妆品,保健食品和时装等。 李氏说,他希望路阳州议员办事处举办的节目能带给大家,尤其是所有的人有个欢乐的夜晚,同时也藉此做慈善的工作,他促请大家前来支持该项活动。