Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Glamorous Grandma Contest // 魅力祖母大赛


该场比赛迄今已吸引了10名祖母参与,年龄从5070不等。 主办当局将会让参赛者给予美容和舞台走秀指导。 她们对这次比赛表现的非常积极,尤其是在“化妆和发型”的部分。 她们说,这是一个千载难逢的人生经验,并有机会在这么多观众前上台走秀。 她们从来没有意料到她们可以做到这一点。 529日她们将会向大家表现出她们的魅力和自信。 她们的精神是值得大家勉励的,尤其是来自她们的儿孙,‘婆婆是一级棒’!

The N16 Luyang DUN office is organizing a “Glamorous Grandma Contest”, which is to be held on the 29th May, 2013, in the Putra Theatre Restaurant starting from 6.30pm.

The contest so far had attracted 10 contestants with age ranging from 50 to 70. These contestants are giving training and coaching on the stage “Cat-walk” and posing. They really enjoyed the every bit of the contest, especially on the “make-up and hear-do” part. They said this is a golden life-time experience and a chance to be able to do the “cat-walk” on the stage in front of so many people. They never thought they can ever do it, but now on the 29th of May, they are going to do it for real. Their spirits are to be encouraged, especially from their children and grand children, “Grandma Boleh”!

The organizing chairman, Andrew Lee Chee Keong and he is also the special assistant to the Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu, said he admires the courage of the contestants and appreciates their spirit in participating in the event. That proves, “age is not a problem”! The Grandmas will definitely put up a very good show, and everybody will be having a wonderful dinner to enjoy the company of family and friends on the 29th of May.

The dinner function will also feature a fashion show displaying some fine cuts and modern design by a reputable fashion establishment. Besides, there will be some stalls displaying their products on health food, cosmetic and dresses.

Andrew said the tickets are limited and for those who wish to buy the tickets can call the office at 088-254987. For any grandma who likes to join the contest can also call the same number to submit their application forms. Don’t miss this golden chance to see how well and how glamorous these grandmas can be, and there will be twenty luck draws ready for the audiences.

Andrew said the table number 53, 54, 55 and 56, with ticket number 1621 to 1660, had been declared cancel. Any one who has bought or holding the ticket should contact the office. These tickets were lost accidentally.

Andrew Lee Chee Keong



该场比赛迄今已吸引了10名祖母参与,年龄从5070不等。 主办当局将会让参赛者给予美容和舞台走秀指导。 她们对这次比赛表现的非常积极,尤其是在“化妆和发型”的部分。 她们说,这是一个千载难逢的人生经验,并有机会在这么多观众前上台走秀。 她们从来没有意料到她们可以做到这一点。 529日她们将会向大家表现出她们的魅力和自信。 她们的精神是值得大家勉励的,尤其是来自她们的儿孙,‘婆婆是一级棒’!

路阳州议员邱庆洲的特别助理兼筹委会主席李志强说,他很欣赏及赞赏所有参赛者的勇气和自信,这证明了“年纪不是问题”! 当天晚上的赛事对参赛的祖母们肯定会是个很特别的经验,同时也让她们与家人和朋友们有个美好的时光和回忆。

该晚宴除了比赛以外,还有服装表演,歌唱等余兴节目。 此外现场也有一些摊位展示不同的产品包括保健品,化妆品和服饰。

李氏说,该魅力祖母大赛是凭票入场,因为餐卷所剩无几,任何想购买餐卷的人士请致电088-254987。 同时任何祖母希望要参加这场比赛的,可以联络办事处并提呈她们的申请表格。 千万不要错过这个千载难逢的机会前来观赏参赛祖母的亮丽,魅力和其自信的一面。 此外当晚还有二十份的幸运抽奖。