Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Land and Survey Department outdated survey plan // 沙土地测量局过时的图测

路阳州议员邱庆洲审阅了有关路阳和生园及婆联商业中心的店铺地段和路线的图测,发现土地测量局并没有更新该处的土地测量图测。 该土地测量图测仍然还是20年前一样。

邱庆洲呼吁沙土地测量局应立即采取行动,更新所有土地测量图测以及其重要记录和资料,这是为了避免不必要的争议,尤其是该些文件和资料将会影响发展工作。 这些过时的文件和资料的图测将会导致许多纠纷和争论。

After a quick check on the title survey plan and road mapping of the Luyang Foh Sang shop area has shown that the Land and Survey Department did not update the details of the title survey plans and other information. The drawings are still showing the same details as far back as twenty years ago.

The Luyang State Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu strongly suggested that the Land and Survey Department should immediately take action to update all the vital information on the drawings in order not to mislead the people who need the information for their work. How can we work with a set of drawings carrying outdated information which leads to many disputes and argument?

The fact is, if in Kota Kinabalu City can have this type of outdated land and survey drawings, what will happen to other urban areas and sub-urban areas through out Sabah? The whole Land and Survey Department must be revamped or certainly some people must face the music in order for the department can be streamlined or become efficient and effective in its work. This explains why a simple task of transferring the ownership of a land title can take up to years.

The Sabah Land and Survey Department is well know for its slackness and unable to deliver speedy work done in a given time. All this is due to the management of the department. By now the department should have enough trained, experienced, and qualified staffs to handle the documentation and administrative work in the department. The computerized system has been in full use, but why it is still “feet dragging”!
There are two types of title survey plans with the department, one set is the imperial set and the other is the metric set. It is confusing and caused a lot of headaches among the people who are making use of it. The calculation on the conversion from imperial to metric unit of measurement always created error and brought disputes.

Just looking at the case in Foh Sang and Bornion shops area, it has presented a true picture on how badly the Land and Survey Department had done a mess-up job here. This is because the land, the roads, and the development are still marked as some 20 over years ago. There is no amendment, updating and even the lands which had been officially acquired, were not shown in the drawings. The existing road systems and its reserves are no way near to what is shown on the Land and Survey title survey plans.

Hiew said, the people asked the same question on how come the Land and Survey Department couldn’t update all these drawings to its latest status and to precisely mark out the details as on site. The technology nowadays is so advance and accurate, we don’t see why these drawing can’t be done up. The satellite image and with the Global Positioning System (GPS), it can provide the department with speedy up dating and marking out of any area they want. We don’t understand why we are still dragging behind.

It is time that the Sabah State Government should do something immediately and positive to revamp the Land and Survey Department, and to give the people some benefits and convenience in their work and well beings.

Hiew King Cheu
ADUN Luyang


路阳州议员邱庆洲审阅了有关路阳和生园及婆联商业中心的店铺地段和路线的图测,发现土地测量局并没有更新该处的土地测量图测。 该土地测量图测仍然还是20年前一样。

邱庆洲呼吁沙土地测量局应立即采取行动,更新所有土地测量图测以及其重要记录和资料,这是为了避免不必要的争议,尤其是该些文件和资料将会影响发展工作。 这些过时的文件和资料的图测将会导致许多纠纷和争论。

如果亚庇市的城镇测量图都是过时的,可以想象到沙巴州其他市区和近郊区的测量图将是更加过时。 邱氏督促土地测量局必须要重新整顿和更新该些土地测量图,以便可以准确的知悉地方上的土地资料,并简化或提升工作的效率。

众所周知沙巴州土地测量局是个懒散,低效率和无法在指定的时间内迅速完成工作的部门。 还有为何地契割名的简单手续要花上几年的时间才能做好? 问题是出在其管理方面,该局应该有足够训练,经验丰富,合格的工作人员来处理文件和执行其工作。 该局已全面电脑化,但为何工作仍然严重“拖延”! 其实该部门的土地测量图测是以英制测量和公制测量并用。 然而由于不同的测量制度导致混乱,并造成混淆不清的问题。 此外从英制测量转换公制测量将会产生许多错误和带来的纠纷。

邱氏说,只要看看和生园及婆联中心的土地图测,就能看出土地测量局是多么的糟糕。 该处的土地,马路,店铺的土地图测仍然是20年前的资料,迄今也没有被修改或更新,甚至已被政府收购的土地也没有记录在图测中。 现有的马路系统以及马路保留地的界线以和土地编号也无法与现有的对称。

邱氏说他不明白为何土地测量局无法更新所有图测中的资料,并明确地标示出土地的详细资料。 现时的电脑科技已能准确的把土地分割和计算好,实在不明白为何当局无法把该些图测修正。 卫星图像和全球定位系统(GPS)可以轻易的协助该部门迅速,清楚和准确的标记出他们想要做出在任何区域的修正。 为何沙土地测量局一直在拖延其工作?