Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Luyang Foh Sang facilities need attention // 路阳和生园的设施需要提升

路阳和生园的人已联络路阳州议员邱庆洲的办事处,投诉有关该处的公厕全日都关闭着,没有开放给公众使用。 他们抱怨说,当需要上厕所‘方便’时也不得其门而入。 他们愤怒的声称,政府的设施建设都是用来摆着看,而不是建来给人民用的!

The public toilet in the Luyang Foh Sang shop is good for nothing because it is closed for 24 hours. Many people had complained to the Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu on the “convenience” which became highly “inconvenience” when there is an urgent need to “release”!

The reason on why the toilet is not open for use by the general public is still unknown. The toilet is built with public fund and now it looks abandoned and just left to waste. The DBKK should do some thing to rectify the situation for the convenience of the people. A Jimmy Chong said he was in deep trouble of a serious stomach upset and needed urgently to go to the convenience fast, but sadly the toilet is closed and he has to wet his pant.

Hiew said DBKK should look into this quickly, and get the toilet in full operational again. If DBKK can not do it, his ADUN office will be happy to source for someone to undertake the job of maintaining and providing the convenience to the Luyang folks.

The rubbish cubical in the Foh Sang car park is another big target of complaint in Foh Sang because of its dirty nature and emitting very bad smell which can be detected over the shops. By right this rubbish collection centre should be washed regularly and be enclosed by the roof and 4 walls. The car wash associated with the rubbish cubical should perform their duty in maintaining the cleanliness of the rubbish cubical, but the people here often find that it is not clean and smelly. This defeats the original purpose and idea of the DBKK to allow the setting up of the car wash business to keep the rubbish cubical clean.

The people in Foh Sang also requested the walkway (Kaki Lima) in front of the shops to be reconstructed and to provide a level surface to avoid people from tripping over and falling to hurt themselves. The drains here are needed to be cleared regularly because it is full of mud and rubbish in it now.

Hiew King Cheu
ADUN Luyang


路阳和生园的人已联络路阳州议员邱庆洲的办事处,投诉有关该处的公厕全日都关闭着,没有开放给公众使用。 他们抱怨说,当需要上厕所‘方便’时也不得其门而入。 他们愤怒的声称,政府的设施建设都是用来摆着看,而不是建来给人民用的!

该公厕不开放给大众使用的原因仍是不明。 路阳和生园的公厕是用人民的钱来兴建,现在看起来是被搁置并白白浪费纳税人的钱,毫无用处。 亚庇市政厅应该纠正该问题,因这是重要的公共设施,也是为了民众的方便而建设。 有位张先生怒气冲冲的说,他刚好肠胃不适和迫切需要去方便,但遗憾的是该公厕关闭着,导致他必须到处找厕所。

邱庆洲说,亚庇市政厅应该立即纠正该问题,并重新开放该公厕给民众使用。 亚庇市政厅如果无法解决,路阳州议员办事处将会协助找人接管和保养公厕的工作。

此外,民众也向他投诉有路阳和生园停车场处的垃圾收集站。 该垃圾站不单肮脏,同时发出非常难闻的气味而影响了附近的商店。 其实该垃圾收集站应需要定期清洗,而垃圾站旁的洗车房应履行其职责,让垃圾收集站时常获得清洗。 经常前往丢垃圾的人发现该垃圾收集站乱七八糟,地上积满臭水,导致他们丢垃圾时必须停止吸气。 亚庇市政厅允许垃圾站旁设立洗车房,是为了要有人能清洗和保持垃圾站的干净,但是亚庇许多处的洗车房并没有做到这一点。

路阳和生园的人也要求当局能重建和整平商店前的行人道,以避免高低不平和布满坑洞的行人道绊倒行人。 此外该处的水渠也需要定期的清理其泥浆和垃圾,因为在下雨天经常会导致水沟溢满。 该处水沟也是老鼠和蟑螂繁殖地,希望亚庇市政厅能够定期前来捕杀和清除。