Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Luyang Taman Fu yen sewerage treatment plant in bad shape // 路阳福源新村污水处理池需要关注

居住在路阳福源新村的张女士向路阳州议员邱庆洲投诉有关她住家后面的地方长满了茂密的树木。 她说,该浓密树木导致蚊虫滋长,甚至还看到蛇鼠出没。 他们曾经要求路阳发展领袖陈德明和团结党的谭氏协助,但迄今都没有采取行动处理。
The Luyang Taman Fu Yen, Lorong Unta, resident Mrs. Chong complained to her new Luyang State Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu concerning the piece of land behind her house that is overgrown with thick vegetation and big trees. She said they are being attacked by a lot of mosquitoes and even snakes from the small forest. They have asked for help from the previous Luyang PKR Chin Teck Ming and the PBS Tham but no action has been taken.

Hiew instantly went for the inspection, and found that the vegetation behind the houses is really thick and dense. He immediately contacted the DBKK to find out about the situation on whether the DBKK can come to assist to clear the area. The area is a sewerage treatment plant reserve, and it is still functioning to pump the foul water into the main system. From the inspection of the area, it is evident that the area has been neglected and there were no maintenance at all. The area has not been kept clean and the vegetation is allowed to grow high and thick. The pumping station is watched by some workers and it is in a very bad shape with electric wire hanging loss, switch board falling into pieces and the deep pump sump is covered by a few pieces of timber only.

Hiew contacted the person in charge and he hopes they can put right the situation in the Taman Fu Yen sewerage treatment plant site as soon as possible to avoid any mishap. He said at least the big tree and vegetation can be chopped immediately to reduce the mosquitoes and snakes hazard in the area.

The sewerage treatment site has to be maintained properly. There should be no effluent or raw sewerage discharge directly into the open drain next to it. We want to keep our living condition clean and tidy, especially in Luyang.

Besides that, the SESB transformer next to the sewerage treatment plant is needed to be clear of vegetation too. It is overgrown with trees and bushes inside the transformer unit. It is getting dangerous and there may be a major blackout if the vegetation damages the power cables and its gear or switches. SESB must send someone to maintain this properly and immediately before something happens.

Hiew said the residents in Luyang can always call him to attend to their problems. His office is situated in the Foh Sang shops and the telephone number is 088-254987 (office), and his hand phone is 019-8809987.

Hiew King Cheu,
ADUN Luyang.

Pic: The dense forest near the sewerage treatment plant
The sewerage pumping station
The transformer substation is overgrown with vegetation.


居住在路阳福源新村的张女士向路阳州议员邱庆洲投诉有关她住家后面的地方长满了茂密的树木。 她说,该浓密树木导致蚊虫滋长,甚至还看到蛇鼠出没。 他们曾经要求路阳发展领袖陈德明和团结党的谭氏协助,但迄今都没有采取行动处理。

邱氏接到投诉后立刻前往视察,发现张女士房子后面的土地确实是长满茂密的树木。 他立刻联络了亚庇市政厅,并要求亚庇市政厅是否可以协助清理该些茂长的植物。 邱氏惊讶的发现到该地原来是污水处理池的地,并且污水泵系统仍然是在运作中。 邱氏检查后指出很明显的该污水处理池一直被当局忽视着,也没有派人来进行定期清理或保养,导致树木茂长。 该泵站虽然有工人看管,但是却处于糟糕的情况。 邱氏发现其电线松挂着,电箱开关盖脱落和泵坑只用几片木板覆盖着。



此外,该污水处理站旁边的沙电变压器也需要关注,因变压器的四周也长满了灌木。 这是非常危险的,如果电线或变压器被茂长的植物压断或损坏,极有可能会造成大停电。 沙电必须立即派人前去进行清理和保养的工作,以避免停电的事情发生。

邱氏说,路阳区的居民若有什么问题可以随时拨电给他。 路阳州议员办事处是在和生园商店,电话号码是088-254987(办公室),手提电话是019-8809987

图:- 污水处理站旁茂长的植物
- 污水处理站
- 沙电变压器四周茂长的灌木