Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thank You message to all Luyang Voters // 答谢路阳选民书 – 邱庆洲

我在此要谢谢路阳的选民,同时衷心的感谢大家一路上的支持和对我的信任,让我赢取路阳的州议席。  我将会努力的工作,以不辜负路阳选民的期望。

As the newly elected N16 Luyang Assemblyman, I wish to extend my heartiest thanks to all the voters in Luyang who have supported me all the way by giving me the overwhelming trust in me to win the Luyang seat. It is a real surprise to me, and I can only say I will work double hard in order not to fail the people in Luyang.

I would like to thanks those voluntary helpers who came to lend a helping hand because they wanted to see a change in the government and for a better future in Sabah. Some have come back from overseas to vote and worked side by side with our campaign team to achieve the goal. I want to thank specially a young man who has come all the way back from Taiwan to work with the team and flew back to Taiwan immediately after knowing the result of the election. I did not even have a chance to thank him personally.

The campaign team is devoted, committed and determine to win this election, and they have worked hard day and night. Many Luyang voters have joined in doing conversing campaign every way and helping out either silently or openly. The “Ini Kali Lah” slogan has effectively attracted many people and they love the DAP “UBAH” mascot.

I will continue to serve the people in Luyang and Sabah to the best I can and hope the people will assist me in my work in Luyang. This time round I have contested and won the Luyang state seat, and that gives me a golden chance to voice out the state matters and problems in the Sabah State Assembly. I hope to achieve a good working relationship with the ruling government through the understanding that it is all for the people. The people’s need is my priority and prime concern. The fight during the election is over, and it is now time to sort out the people’s problems, and we want a quick solution and result in all mishap in Sabah. I believe the BN people will agree with me, because we are all elected to serve the people, irrespective whether opposition or ruling assemblymen.

I will immediately work out the future plans for the Luyang constituency on its development, upgrading of facilities, and new development of the area. I will also sit down with the government to get things done.
Luyang is an important part of the Kota Kinabalu City and it is my duty now to improve the area along with its economic status.

Hiew King Cheu,
N16. Luyang Assemblyman.       

答谢路阳选民书 邱庆洲

我在此要谢谢路阳的选民,同时衷心的感谢大家一路上的支持和对我的信任,让我赢取路阳的州议席。  我将会努力的工作,以不辜负路阳选民的期望。

我在此也要感谢所有协助我的义工们伸出援手,因为他们希望能够更换沙巴州政府,共创美好的未来。 有些人甚至从海外回来投票,还与我们的竞选团队并肩工作,要达到‘改变’的目标。  我要特别感谢一位姓陈的年轻人,他特别从台湾赶回来,并参与竞选团队,在选举成绩出炉后就立即飞返台湾。 我也没有机会亲自向他道谢。

竞选团队和义工们的全面投入,努力和同心,并且日夜辛勤的工作,再加上许多路阳的选民也协助拉票,他们透过各种方式传达‘改变’的信息,以“就是现在”的口号吸引了许多人。  选民也特别喜欢行动党推出的“武巴鸟”吉祥物。

我将尽我所能服务路阳选区和人民,同时希望大家都会给予协助,让我能够顺利去执行我的工作。 我赢得路阳州议席,让我可以在州议会提呈人民的问题和需要,我将会努力的为人民和社区争取他们的权益和福祉。 虽然我是反对党议员,但我希望能够与政府有良好的合作关系,以便有效的去解决人民所面对的问题,因我的首要任务就是关注人民。 竞选期间的互斗争取选票已过去,现在是时候处理人民悬而未决的问题。 我希望能有快速的解决方案来解决沙巴州许多拖延已久或被搁置的事宜。 我相信国阵方面会同意我的看法,因为不论是否在野或执政的州议员,我们都人民选出来的代议士。

我会尽快策划路阳选区方面的发展,例如提升基本设施,以及设法解决其他民生的问题,并向州政府提呈进行研究。 路阳是亚庇市的重要部分,现在是我的责任来改善该处以及其经济发展。