Friday, 21 June 2013

Job Centre set up in ADUN Luyang office // 路阳州议会办事处职业绍中心


In view of the many job seekers approaching the ADUN Luyang office in Foh Sang shop, the ADUN Luyang Hiew King Cheu has decided to establish a job centre in his office to register and to help those who are looking for jobs and employment.

The job centre will register those who are unemployed and seeking employment in Sabah or in Semananjong. The job centre will contact the employers, or they can come to the office if they need to employ workers. The centre will keep a list of the people who has registered under various categories ranging from general workers, house maids, unskilled and skilled workers, technicians, engineers, and even professionals.

The purpose of setting up such job centre will enable the job seekers to be put in contact with the employers who are looking for workers and staffs, and it is easier by just contacting the ADUN Luyang office for the right person to employ. All interviews can be arranged through the centre.

Hiew said any one who wishes to register with the job centre should come forward to the ADUN Luyang office in Foh Sang to fill in the particulars so that the employers can contact the person. Hiew also hopes that the move to set up such job centre can effectively help those who are seeking for employment.

For those who are interested can call the job centre at tel: 088-254987, 018-9610 516

Hiew King Cheu
ADUN Luyang



该中心将协助失业者和求职者在沙巴或西马寻找工作。该中心将会与雇主联络,以便前来办事处与求职者面试。 该中心会根据不同领域的工作进行登记,其中包括普通工人,女佣,半熟练和熟练人员,技工,工程师,甚至专业人士。

设立该中心是协助求职者能够找到适合的工作,以及让雇主透过该中心聘请合适的员工。 最主要的是雇主或求职者可以透过路阳州议员办事处得到联络的方便,而且所有的面试可以安排在该中心进行。

邱氏说,任何求职者需要登记,可以前往路阳州议员办事处填写其资料,以便雇主可以联络他们。 邱氏也希望透过设立该职业介绍中心,可以有效地帮助寻求工作的人士和方便那些需要聘请员工的雇主。

任何有兴趣的求职者或雇主可以拨打该中心的电话:088-254987 / 018-9610516