Friday, 21 June 2013

Ministers to declare personal assets // 内阁部长需申报个人资产


The question raised by the ADUN Luyang Hiew King Cheu was answered in writing by the chief minister Datuk Musa Aman in today State Assembly sitting. The question asked that whether appointed state cabinet ministers are required to declare their personal assests to act as a measure to ensure that there are no "get rich fast" type of situation happened during their term in office.

The CM in his reply said that the appointed Sabah cabinet members are going to forward the declaration of their personal assests directly to him. This is being practiced in the BN government, and it applies to the state and federal level.

Hiew is in view that the declaration of personal assests is to act as an indicator that the cabinet ministers and chief minister would not abuse their power and became rich while holding the position. This is especially when they are not allowed by the state constitution to hold any office that can bring income.

Hiew urges the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman to make public all the declarations of assest submitted by his cabinet members. The point is why only he knows and not known to others. In Penang, their cabinet had made the same declaration openly and widely published in the news media.

This is for the credibility, accountability, and transparency that a good government should adopt and practice.

Hiew King Cheu
ADUN Luyang



首席部长回答说,沙巴州委任的内阁成员将会向他申报他们的个人资产,以纪录在案。 这是国阵政府一直以来有施行的措施,无论是在联邦或州政府。


邱氏敦促首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼应该公开给人民知道有关他的内阁成员的个人资产申报。 为何该些申报只提呈给他而已,而不公布让人民知晓呢? 然而首席部长自身的资产又要向谁申报呢? 难道他的资产是不需要公布的。 槟州的内阁部长已向人民公开申报他们的个人资产,并都有在新闻媒体上公布。