Friday, 21 June 2013

Parking problems soon to be over // 路阳综合诊所泊车问题

路阳综合诊所缺乏泊车位的问题相信很快将获得解决。 亚庇市政厅交通部已证实了这一点。

Luyang Polyclinic lack of parking space problems will soon be over. This was confirmed by the traffic section of DBKK.

Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to Luyang State Assemblyman made a follow up call to DBKK and was very pleased that DBKK had finally agreed to create more parking space at that mentioned area. It has been long overdue and soon the public will be provided with additional thirty more parking lots. The proposed area proposed to be made into car parking space is currently the road shoulder and the pedestrian walk way beside the children’s playground. It will be removed and to be replaced with proper parking lots. This work will start early next year once allocation has been granted to DBKK.

Vehicle owners are also urged to park their vehicles properly and at the same time not to obstruct traffic flow at the area. The congestion began when the Queen Elizeberth Hospital decided to transfer the outpatient section to Luyang due to congestion at QE 1. Since then, the numbers of hospital staffs had grown to a bigger number so as the numbers of patients, and with this, the numbers of vehicles had added on rapidly. We look forward to this future development and hope DBKK will carry out this upgrading work as soon as possible. For any enquiries, the public is urged to contact DBKK at 088-521 800.

Andrew Lee Chee Keong
Special Assistant to

路阳州议员邱庆洲的特别助理李志强联络了亚庇市政厅,并被告知亚庇市政厅将会尽快处理该处泊车位缺乏的问题,以增建更多的泊车位。 虽然是姗姗来迟的消息,相信不久的将来该处将会增多30个额外的泊车位。 该拟议中增加泊车位的地点是在目前儿童游乐场旁的人行道。 当局将会把该处改成适当的泊车位。 亚庇市政厅一旦获得拨款后,将会在明年初进行该项工程。

李氏促请车主不要随意停放车辆,尽量不要妨碍该处的交通。该处堵车的问题是由于之前伊丽莎白中央医院的门诊部非常拥挤而被迫搬迁到路阳综合诊所。 因此每天前来诊所的病人大大增加,同时车辆的数目也迅速增加。 大家希望亚庇市政厅能尽快展开该项工作,也期待着该泊车位的提升工作带给人民更多的方便。 民众若如有任何问题可以直接连路亚庇市政厅088-521800